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2006-06-19 - 12:16 p.m.

WOW! I just checked out this site which I regularly visit and LO and Behold it had a great piece on the ART ALIVE event which Soren was in!

There is also a wonderful photo of him in this complitation (which I don't mind mentioning as there are so many photos that unless anyone KNOWS him they won't know its him, and even those who DO know him may have trouble recognizing him! So I don't worry about his SAFETY by posting this should some fluke be that the only one who ever reads this site happen to be some wacko, aside from my few (I think TWO to be exact!) that I ever intentionally shared this URL with!

HIs sisters were thrilled to see the photos and they echoed my thought when they said "We wish we went"

I wish I had DETAILS about this ahead of time! I actually HAD gone to the school web site looking for some details when SOREN mentioned his coolest endeavor. But of course I got busy and never followed up in time to try to e-mail the MUSIC teacher who facilitates their participation to find out details.

I did have fun chatting with Soren and learning of his GIRLFRIEND! I then enjoyed looking at the video of his school play to see who she was. Not too surprised she is an adorable petite BLOND that reminds me of SADIE. His Kindergarden through third grade girlfriend who he would take for walks while holding hands around the pond in VA (SO SWEET!) was also the very quiet and sweet and kind blond girl in class at the small school there! Its so funny how GOOD for him being a big brother was when Sadie was born! He really took of with his reading when he read to her. He was so confident and proud and happy to be a big brother so it not surprising that it is those little blond girls who he is not attracted to as he enters that preteen phase and rediscovers girls. (Although he was one who ALWAYS noticed them mainly I think as he was ALWAYS a great looking kid that girls of all ages flirted with!

I was WAY TOO EXHAUSTED to even try to get to Buffalo this weekend. Maybe next weekend before we head to VA. I did have a nice chat with Katerina who enjoyed telling me about her school trip to DARIEN LAKE theme park. She told me that they were running late returning so she missed the event at the Art GALLERY but got there just in time to see SOREN's SCHOOL win a cash prize!

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