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2006-06-27 - 2:12 p.m.

This is fun- an article from Caracus, Venuzela announcing Gabriela Bohnett's International Children's Orchestra event this summer.

I am looking for the Little Mozart site and her e-mail to see if I can negotiate and barter for violin lessons as both Sadie and Katie are interested. It would be great to have them start with her this summer if I can swing it.

I also was searching for info regarding violin studies in Buffalo for Katerina, without any leads yet other than the Buffalo Suzunk Strings. I am hoping there might be scholarships available SOMEWHERE to help! She said she would like a teacher as it helps her progress! She recognizes she doesn't practice and learn on her own.

Today I accomplished scheduling for estimates to replace our broken electronic air filter and home to get some leads regarding summer activities. No luck yet! Its raining alot here, so the girls are now watching TOY STORY after a morning of me reading to them and helping with workbooks and coloring, and housecleaning.
Lots more housecleaning... its dusty here! But I REALLY WANT to find SOMETHING FUN for us all this summer first! There will ALWAYS be cleaning to do! I need to find and schedule the FUN!

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