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2006-07-06 - 4:58 a.m.

Westley returned home from his business trip last Thursday and within moments was screaming at everyone for "property damage" to "HIS" House!

He was typically nuts in full blown OCD and PARANOIA mode as well.

Then when complaining about the cheerios that he found under the stove he asked what I WAS DOING that they made that mess- and I told him I had been updating my resume. He freaked about me using the computer (even though it was the one DESIGNATED for my use and kids use in the basement and I hadn't touched his in his study!)


Nutty attempts to control me. After I told him of job hunting he then REALLY panicked in response and said "Go back to NY NOW! I want you and the kids all out of here as I have to get this place ready to sell and you are wrecking it."

HE was totally not making sense as when we left NY HE WAS SAYING THEN that we might never see THAT house again as we likely would SELL THAT and remain in VA or Atlanta where he hoped to get a new job!

He then told me that that job possibility was over and they cancelled his second interview after talking with someone at AOL who he thinks blocked his opportunity. * of course it's not because of anything WESTELY could ever have done at AOL-- like perhaps the infamous vendor episode which was on tape of his screaming abusively and flipping out over someone which just happened to be sent on to the company. They let it go at that time... but it was MENTIONED and JOKED ABOUT and it it no exaggeration that he professionally has a reputation of being brilliant but erratic and tempestuous. When an old co-worker told him "IT's difficult to work with you because you are always right!"Westley took that as a compliment!
He just doesn't get it. HE DIDN'T GET CONSIDERED NOT BECAUSE OF SOMEONE AT AOL, BUT HE IS NOT BEING CONSIDERED BECAUSE OF CERTAIN ASPECTS OF HIMSELF- and I am sure his anger issue and narcissism has a lot to do with it! But you can't tell that to him! He's had SO MANY peers and friends from work TRY to honestly tell him and suggest ways to hone his professional skills but he was never open to listening to them as he has been successful WITHOUT listening to them. (Even thought it would likely have made him MORE successful and happier!)

I REFUSED to leave and said he needed to calm down and treat us with respect and that he can't just act like we are YO YOS he can bounce around at his will. I told him it was NUTS for him to ACT LIKE IT WAS SO ESSENTIAL FOR ME TO COME TO VA TO FARM and then on the RIDE DOWN tell me he had no intention of farming and that he didn't want me to either as he "made other arrangements"

I told him he was selfish to think he could constantly change plans or make last minute plans or not follow through on plans and render it IMPOSSIBLE for everyone else to every have a LIFE OF THEIR OWN and to establish meaningful things and plans for OURSELVES because of his erratic and strange, unhealthy behavior!

I told him I refused to leave as the girls need SOME STABILITY in a home life!

He attempted to then literally throw ME out of the house ! I called 911 and although he hung up the phone I heard a ring first so knew it had gone through. They responded and I asserted my right to not be kicked out, and he had to leave (as in VA there is a fantastic law, as I think there is in many states that when cops respond to a domestic call someone has to leave the premises.)

He called and said "I can't believe you kicked me out!"

I told him I hadn't but that he got himself kicked out by his unacceptable behavior.

He said he couldn't believe the law! Then later he gave me some bullshit about how the cop said I was "irrational"

GO on deceiving yourself Westley- NO one else will buy it!

I also told him he was not kicked out and was welcome to come back if he was going to ACT NORMAL (and cease the obsessive freaking out over the house)

So he came back and made some effort at talking respectfully. He asked me to please leave so he doesn't freak out about worrying about damage to the home. I told him I wanted to stay through summer and he then threatened to divorce me if I refused to go to NY where his job is. He claimed he could do so on grounds of abandonement. I told him "Yes- after A YEAR - However I only intend to get a job for summer and then go to NY for Fall for school, unless you expect to sell the NY house and whisk us off to Altanta or NJ. I already told you then I think you should go yourself at first and allow the kids stability here."

ON Sat he either called an attny or pretended to call one (as the phone was then dead WHEN I TRIED TO USE IT)

He claimed it must have JUST shut off as he had called vonage the day before to terminate service.

However he at some point freaked when I used the computer in the basement

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