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2006-07-12 - 2:59 p.m.

I was writing about Katie's marvelous dress up party in which she felt like a princess in an amazing white lace dress that came from Rome for a first communion around thirty years ago when

THe power went out.

Now that is COMMON around here.

It however made me totally anxious! I instinctively wanted to pack up the kids and head ANYWHERE but here without a phone and power.

But I fought the urge and it indeed came back on.

I am not going to live in fear over irrational things! (Although it WAS VERY RATIONAL to avoid the pressure to be home over the weekend when I know it would have been likely to wake up to see the car I am relying on that is not titled in my name GONE! And it was rational to think of my sister in law's crazy fears and the fact she always insisted on a CLUB on her car when she didn't really need it... and to go out and BUY a CLUB with the last of my own money since it is in JUST SUCH SITUATIONS that they are helpful as in is in JUST SUCH SITUATIONS that IRATE HUSBAND'S RECLAIM VEHICLE'S titled in their own name!)

But that is as far as the example of her paranoia has been useful to me.

So instead of thinking like my sister in law in this moment of power going out- I took a few deep breaths and
I instead gave the girls their lunch and allowed the youngest to continue her nap until she awoke.

Now that it is on we are having an unexciting day doing LOTS of laundry.

BAck to the topic of Katie's Birthday. She turns five this weekend and I would LIKE to have a party in which her aunts and uncles and friends could all come and celebrate. I am AFRAID they will not be able to be adults who can let go of OTHER ISSUES surrounding Westely and I and just CELEBRATE HER.

However I am trying to think of a neutral public place to try to celebrate her day. I think that would be nice- in particular as to see all of them is one of the things I WANT for the girls and a reason I was SO INSISTENT at not being kicked out of our VA home when Westely felt the whim to do so!
Heck- the girls DESERVE to develop their own relationships with friends and family!

So I hope to come up with something at the last minute- but not at home yet.

I still have to finish the painting of the dining room which was set up to do but never done. I can't wait to pull our that WAGNER painting tool and prime and paint and be DONE with that unfinished project. I can't WAIT to get all the home improvement crap out of the room and make it a functional space.

The girls had a blast laying out the molding that Westely stained for the kitchen. I won't go so far as to nail it in-- but it was nice for them to figure out where it goes. (and I had a diagram to confirm) It was nice to get it off the dining room floor.

I also was happy to get the tape off the bathroom walls and the outlet protectors on.

I can't wait to get the home improvement crap AWAY and for a place we live to NOT FEEL LIKE IT IS IN CONSTANT CHAOS AND A CONSTANT UNFINISHED STATE.

My revolution of creating HOME FOR US FOR A CHANGE!

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