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2006-07-14 - 11:20 a.m.

The girls are having a ball playing dress up right now. I too was donning a gown and joined in the fun.

Its a bit overcast out but we hope to get moving on planting this morn as its WAY OVERDUE!

I also think we should clean out the chiken coop and get some chickens! I think I know where to get a few mature egg laying ones for starters so that is on my TO DO list.

But letting the girls play for a while first as while I prepare the soil for planting I undoubtedly will get more done if they are napping.

We have all been enjoying picking the plethera of ripe berries. There are SO MANY that its a shame the one farmer's market stiffed us on payment as there is now a new development right next to it and those folks were thrilled to buy fresh locally picked raspberries.

Oh well!
We hope fish are jumpin as we hope to catch some for a meal one of these days. Found the rods and seeking the tackle box although we will get by if it is not found with a makeshift hook and some earthworms from the newly disturbed ground when planting.

Sadie fondly recalled collecting the worms for Soren and his friend to use a few years back when they went fishing. She was excited to do so again and can't wait to go fishing.

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