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2006-07-16 - 12:04 p.m.

I am annoyed.

The phone was shut of by Westley on June 30th.

I actually intended on turning it back on myself, however when I went to the VONAGE site on July 1 I wasn't sure what hardware we had (if any) and didn't want to spend my money on that (as I had very little and needed to conserve it for necesssities such as food and gas for the car.)

So phone line wasn't on the top of the list.

A CAR SEAT actually was as I borrowed one in order to drive to BUY one for SADIE who didn't have one. When Westely bought the two he did get he hadn't bought one for her and still acted like she was too big for one. (But he the rocket scientist didn't figure out that YOU CAN ADJUST THE HEADREST in the car to make the car seat appropriate for larger kids and that SHE STILL IS REQUIRED BY LAW TO USE ONE.)

Either that or at the time he was still playing dumb and hoping I would drive WITHOUT HER IN A CAR seat and then he could call the cops and get me ARRESTED for child endnagerment, fined $500 for EACH CHILD not in a car seat and then he could have been
again by creating crisis and then being the one to come
the oh so helpless female...

But despite that being what I THOUGHT was his intention of joining the BP MOTOR CLUB convieniently before our travels when for the past few years he had no interest in a motor club despite travels between states monthly... (as they have this intriguing BAIL OUT PROCESS of offering bond if you are arrested for a moving vehical violation other than DWI)

Anway.. that is a long diversion of my current rant that


That means while a new # can be turned on by VONAGE or anyone else, it will not be THE SAME # WE HAD

Not that that is REALLY A BIG DEAL as should anyone have been so impressed by my initial resume that had the old # they would have tried to call it by now and by now would have given up.

ITs just annoying.

Perusing WANT ADS just to see if there is anything of interest.

Although that is not my first priority just now anyway.

Looking forward to finishing up some projects the girls and I are enjoying and hoping to have money available to plan the birthday party. Some friends are available but I need to have money to book the place if it is available and then mail invitiations to all the family so Katie can celebrate with them and just be a kid with her loving family that can make it.

And hopefully they CAN BE LOVING to her!

IF it doesn't work out by tommorrow that I get it planned for next weekend I'll just nix the party idea with family as she had a WONDERFUL celebration already and won't be shortchanged.

She LOVED watching Cinderella yesterday morn and then opening her birthday gift from me which was a Cinderella Barbie that she asked for MONTHS AGO and I bought when it hit Clearance and saved for her big day. It comes with a crown for her, so Katie was in her glory being a princess all day. (Which was a blast as she had me fix her hair and wore here tiara while I donned overalls and was playing with wire trying to fix holes in a chicken coop!)

The girls are excited at that project and they asked if they could buy a chicken.
Pretty neat! The last thing they saved and collaborated for was their first Barbie Doll which they coveted and then did chores for until they came up with $3.50 collectively and I paid the other half for the doll which thankfully hit Clearance.

This time I made the same deal: Work hard and get the coop Fox secure and I'll pay half and they can pay half for their chicken.

We found mature egg laying ones for sale in the neighborhood for $5 each.

We also enjoyed berry picking and eating yesterday and discovered the blackberrys are NATURALLY bitter and nasty tasting. They need added sugar and to be canned or baked in something to taste good.
The red raspberrys were wonderful though! And the mulberrys from the tree are also amazing although they stain worse than anything so I refrained from having the girls pick those and just popped a few in their mouths.

It reminded me of picking mulberrys off a tree in the yard of the church in Buffalo where Soren and Katerina and I went to mass. When they were VERY LITTLE and got antsy I would take them out to run on the lawn. There we discovered the tree that I think no one else knew was there. No one else ever seemed to pick it's marvelous berrys and the parish priest told us go ehead. So it was a fun Sunday ritual to go to mass and pick them when in season.

That and the picking of our landlord Annie's berries that she grew were such fun in that wonderful small apartment.

It was nice to recall those memories as we picked berries yesterday and I realized how I always did love that. I also loved to take a ride out to CUDNEYS BLUBERRY FARM in Orchard Park which was an inspiration to me of living in the country but not too far from a city!

They were such a neat family who I met through the daughter I was friends with when we worked together one summer. She in fact told me of one of my favorite Buffalo spots: now the Locust Street Art Center, where she took classes in pottery and I then spent my free time in the darkroom.

Its funny to think now that I am done with childbearing and nursing how I always thought I would be back to that playing with chemicals and film in the dark
AND NOW digital photography has made that an obselete art form.

So much for the dark room that was planned in our crazy manic house expansion.

That's what I should knickname our house:

It really is such a HUGE place that looks like old ruins with its stone walls.

Very beautiful and yes creative and YES MORE THAN A BIT CRAZY

I think those adjectives also describe many of the people I have been attracted to or befriended in life.

I still wonder why.


Need to eat lunch then get back to working at our farm goals.

Hope to break ground today to plant some seeds we picked up a few weeks ago that are still in packages.

They will take only 22 days to full gestation and then we should have ample to sell again AS LONG AS I GET THEM IN THE GROUND!

But it has been hard to achieve that due to LOTS OF RAIN and the fact the girls' needs had to be met first.

Perhaps today they will nap a bit and I can get the ground prepared.

I look forward to it!

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