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2006-08-20 - 2:38 p.m.

The last time I wrote I had to abruptly finish as the girls were at the limit of their ability to quietly read books and play with puzzles at the library.


It is so wonderfully COMFORTABLE and WELCOMING of the girls and I.

I have NEVER felt like we were fish out of water here in the VA library!

I can sit and write while they QUIETLY read and work on puzzles with the NORMAL occassional noise of little ones whispering things like "look at the dog" in response to their books and toys without them being considered a disturbance to the other patrons.

It is just such a different climate than the NY library that acted like we were so intrusive!

It's been a pleasure to have the girls participate in the summer reading club here. A highlight of the past week was when they all came in to get their earned books!

I was disappointed to not be able to take them to the baseball game for the readers in the summer book club, but as it was a night game it just didn't work our for us.

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