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2006-10-05 - 11:29 a.m.

I thought this was a funny article about benefits of ADHD

I have been approached by headhunter who is working with me. I entered the the "stream" where I swam with all the other little fishes who fell for the BIG FISH bait. I realized the recruiter was so good at his job that he made each of us believe we were the BIG FISH worthy of the LOVELY BAIT he listed in a career builder ad.

Even though I am SURE that was a MIRAGE and no such ideal job regionally close to me with a salary higher than this market typically provides doesn't relly was a great process to go into their agency pretending I believed it did.

I was not only amused by feeling like a salmon struggling in the stream, and wondering how many of us will make it... but entertained by some of the other fish floating about, as well as offered a great professional opportunity for myself.

The recruiter I met with didn't really INTERVIEW ME.


Some of the words of wisdom from her:

When negotiating my salary requirements it was the only time I mentioned children as she really was pushing to market me in the low range. That is fair since I in fact am seeking a paralegal job-- when, well I NEED A PARLEGAL. I can't type. I had a 38 on that test. I haven't any EXPERIENCE in a traditional office. I am out of the market with a JD but no BAR for the past six years.

The head hunter however gave pointers in how she will market me, and how to market myself.

At mention of children she said
"I didn't hear that, and won't speak of it again" very sharply... then whispered gently "Some employers are undertanding, but most sadly ARE NOT."

She in fact is trying to CREATE a job for me. She sees a good fit in a firm that does alot of immigration and would benefit from a paralegal dedicated to that work. This is a brilliant move on her part as in competition with ACTUAL trained and experienced paralegals I will NEVER get a job. In seeking a job at a firm that SOLEY does immigration work, I MIGHT get hired SOMEDAY- but am a real wild card risk as I haven't a proven track record. I had a decent interview at such a firm but no offer. I certainly understand WHY!

Now I understand even moreso why I am still job hunting. I thought mention of kids even in passing once might be it. This experience CONFIRMS that to do that is the death of the interview. All possibility of consideration end there.

So I am a legal immigration consultant with as the marketing guru of the agency says "Solid Expeience" running my own consulting agenct. In the Western Loudoun market however there has not been adequate DEMAND for my services, so now I am seeking a position in a firm.

End of story, except to discuss the specific types of visas I am familiar with.

Note that phrase" I am familiar with"

I need to be able to walk through the process of those applications as an expert and should be able to land a job. However it won't be at a large or mid size firm that SOLELY does immigration work as they actually ask the particular questions on a form checking off EXACTLY how many of EACH type of visa one has filed.

I was TOTALLY honest in my interview at the Immigration firm that I already interviewed with. They liked me and I liked them, and they had me interview with a managing partner, the HR director and another associate so they seriously considered me. Even that is truly an honor with my experience being as limited as it really is. I have the skills and knowledge however to do that job very well but no demonstrated history to allow that to be clear to them. The case load is 50-70 cases to manage. They of course would hire anyone else with experience over me!

Other great tips to whip me in shape were given:


DON't INTERRUPT! OOPS I DID at one point and this recruiter was SO GOOD at addressing that! She said " a friend once told me to pretend you are eating a banana when listening. The layers of the peel are coming off one by one and if you jump in before each peel you miss the banana."

She then said " I think you are a gift to me this week as I struggle with that too, and it really put me in the position of undertanding what it feels like for the person speaking."

She pointed out all the obvious reasons those of us with ADHD GET but yet we still struggle with that impulse control:

It makes the person lose their train of thought.
Its rude.
Its death of an interview. etc...

And when she was done I added
AND one will also lose their job as well.

So I am SO GRATEFUL to have met this honest recruiter. She gave GREAT feedback on how to fix my crappy resume! ( I had the one I cranked out at the library in one hour as all my computer files were rendered "write protected" and my desktop mysteriously has all sorts of configurations such as the printer on a non-existant port, and the CD reader/ writer not being acessible to me but only the "mystery" administrator of my "mystery" network... and my ip address not being recognized by the local ROADSTAR wireless internet service - even when MY router was changed which is strangely suspicious etc. etc)

I was direct when she called me at 3pm saying she spoke with a firm "e-mail me your revised resume this afternoon."

"No. I can't, however will try to do so either tonight or tommorrow morning."

She called at 9am saying "I didn't get your resume."

I told her I would get it ASAP this morning. It was 11am after I achieved the changes and e-mailed it.

So I either was given the task to do ASAP to
a. Really be considered for position
b. As a hoop to jump through to judge how quickly and well I follow the instructions.

If b, then I hope that my reponse was acceptable.

Because that preformance is what will determine if I am on the reqruiter's radar or simply an applicant she files elsewhere.

Nonetheless, even if I didn't jump high enough or fast enough for her hoop, I am least got a workout and will pay attention to the coaching she offered.

She was indeed a very good coach and when I do land a job I will be sure to thank her for that, regardless if she finds it for me or not.

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