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2006-10-23 - 12:28 p.m.

Westley keeps calling at the most interesting times. I think it amazing that last MON morn when I had to be on the phone at 6am sharp to arrange child care he interestingly called me with some emotional crisis needing to talk. He kept calling back and insisted he was so upset he NEEDED to talk to me!

Then on Sunday morn when I was trying to get the girls ready for church, and trying to get My eldest gal to her religious ed class on time HE HAD TO CALL. I talked for a while but told him I HAD TO GO. HE CALLED BACK EIGHT TIMES LEAVING THESE HYSTERICAL MESSAGES which only upset the girls.


Last WED he called and TALKED TO ALL OF THEM AT LENGTH. Then tried to engage me into a conversation and I told him I HAD TO GO. He ignored that and calls back and again leaves this hystrionic message PLEADING to talk to the girls (As if he hadn't JUST TALKED TO ALL OF THEM!) It is so irritating! I was upstairs tucking them in bed and reading stories so I was so glad they didn't hear that one. But on SUN morn as I helped them each one at a time I am SURE the others who were downstairs DID HEAR his emotionally distraught messages acting like I wasn't letting him talk to them! I heard them all LATER when we all got home. When I am busy upstairs dressing some or outside as I go back and forth getting everyone to the car, its most upsetting as if one gal is in the downtairs bathroom brushing teeth to be ready, and another is getting shoes or a coat on THEY CAN HEAR THEM. That is just SO EMOTIONALLY HORRIBLE to put the girls through that!

I then did get very angry and when all the girls were out in the car made one call to him to STOP THE OBSESSIVE CALLING WHEN I TELL HIM I DON'T HAVE TIME OR THE WISH TO TALK IN A MOMENT!

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