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2006-10-23 - 12:35 p.m.

I have only thirty minutes on this computer so I am typing multiple entries so when I get cut off I only lose the last one!

I AM SO EXCITED that I was able to arrange child care to be able to work full time!

I would MUCH RATHER be home full time with the girls, but since the last time WESTELY actually gave me any child support was the $1000 check he gave me back in SEPT I HAVE TO GO TO WORK!

HE gave me only one other check- and although it was for $3200. that was the day of that actual PPO HEARING and it was handed to me IN THE COURTROOM so that sends me the STRONG MESSAGE that unless compelled to pay child support Westely is reluctant to do so.

FINE I will wait for our support hearing which is NOV 14th.

The PPO APPEAL which he has filed is NOV 15.

BUT UNTIL I HAVE SUPPORT I THINK THE BEST THING TO DO IS WORK THAT WAY AT LEAST I HAVE SOME INCOME ! I HAVE BEEN RELYING ON help of family. Borrowed $ from my parents and oldest brother. I just realized I have that line of credit from the bank YAH!! And then there are the few charge accts at dept stores I opened up to get school clothes and warm comforters for the girls.
HE CLAIMS to have honored my request for an AMEX card (like I USED to have) for food and necessities, however he CLAIMS it was with our neighbors and when I saw them to get what he left it was the COMPASSION POWER workbook and no AMEX!

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