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2006-10-23 - 12:10 p.m.

Top ten reasons I got a JOB:

10. I had the background in immigration law they required.

9. My references were all solid and impressive.

8. I realized I SHOULD NOT use the Middleburg firm where the secretaries and receptionists were freaked out by the immigrant laborers showing up on Friday to pay in cash as a reference. (The same firm where when I made a 3:30pm appt with a client, when the client showed up at 3:00 they sent HER away and made me look like I was not responsible to the amazing lawyer who had formerly been so supportive! They told him I didn't show up on time! )

7. I was miracualously able to swing finding child care for all four girls on Monday morning. OK so I was LATE to work, but I made it there!! ( I did call!)

6. I PERSONALLY answered the call at home from the recruiter so I got the offer MYSELF rather than it ending up in my MYSTERY phone sytem answering service that I currently can't access! (Nor did I turn on as I ordered CALLER ID and ASKED THEY NOT TURN ON THE PHONE COMPANY MESSAGE SERVICE. IT's Also a mystery calls go to there since I have a home answering machine that strangely gets all of WESTELY's messges! )

5. The market is very good for immigration paralegals. There is a shortage of paralegals who specialize in this area.

4. The job was through the professional placement agency rather than the firm directly so they never gave me that checklist where I indicate HOW MANY of each visa I have done.

3. My trac phone hadn 't yet run out of minutes (which it did this past FRI!) so I could make a call to find out WHERE TO REPORT TO WORK.

2. My banker had set me up with overdraft protection which I inadvertadly discovered the week before last so I could WRITE A CHECK for the childcare that wouldn't bounce, and write a check to myself to cash to have toll and parking $ YAH!


I DIDN'T HAVE TO INTERVIEW SO NEVER GOT THE SPECIFIC QUESTION ABOUT MY SIX YEARS OF CONSULTING AS TO HOW MANY VISAS I HAVE DONE! (And I din't interrupt anyone etc... all the interview errors I have made when getting to the level of meeting with three partners in the firm for that final interview I keep blowing!)

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