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2006-12-07 - 10:15 a.m.

Busy trying to get in the Christmas Spitit. We did have fun getting a tree and bringing it home and setting it up.

Having the Christmas towels and dishes out is also fun.

It really IS WORTH it to buy the more expensive lights and resist the bargain of those cheap ones...

I have to put the replacement bulb in EACH SOCKET of the burnt out strand to fix it, which is indeed a pain.

So of course I started another project, and now have that out as well... I just can't sit THAT LONG replacing bulbs. At least not without a good movie or CD to actually occupy my brain.

Mysteriously the tape player that formerly worked ( a few months ago) now is not working. I need to get batteries for it and hope that fixes it. I decided it is far too long since I listened to my Bar Bri friends... I even forgot some of their silly jokes.

SO I am spending time attempting to get organized in the hope of actually staying awake while studying.

I haved had a few naps thus far... but will keep trying anyway.

Off to get Batteries and hope the tape cassette player works as that will be a start.

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