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2006-12-24 - 2:20 a.m.

I just re-read my last entry wondering if my juxtaposition of writing about studying and then dancing made sense. I am filling in the missing link: For me, dancing helps improve my concentration and focus. The physical exercise of someone who is hyperactive is really a NECESSITY so they don't either literally fall asleep or mentally zone completely out as their brain in not normally metabolizing glucose.

Now what I had not realized until today is that ADHD is likely due to a circulatory problem. Exercise is therefore the best thing one can do to improve mental focus. I did know that, but I never really thought about WHY that is.

While at the health foods store today one of the staff mentioned how ADHD is a problem of poor cirulation. I had noted that some of the ingredients of the ADHD supplements are the same as those recommended to increase blood circulation for vericose veins. REd berries are in the supplements as one example, and the chemical in berries which increases elasticity and firmness of veins is listed.

I thought it an interesting observation that not only me, but Raitlin show signs of Raynads syndrome which is a circulatory disorder. She and I are both the ones with the worst cases of ADHD symptoms. (her Dr.said her symptom of getting purple hands when cold even when its during warmer weather is indicative of Raynad's. I then mentioned that my Dr told me I likely have that as well.)

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