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2007-01-31 - 2:31 p.m.

Here's the highlight of amusing ADD Moments of today:

I poured myself a cup of Chai tea from the pot I steeped this morning during a meeting with the Au Pair Coordinator, who was giving me her official Family Orientation.

I had made the pot but never poured it then. (Caught up in listening to her.)

After pouring the cup, I then put it in the microwave to re-heat. I took it out and added CREAMER. Not the real Mc Coy which would make a lovely chai, but the fake International Coffee stuff I occassionally buy to have as a back up should I run out.

I sipped it, it was entirely TOO SWEET so I cut it- by adding COFFEE which was from that which I brewed but never drank at breakfast time!

I think it was when I then re-heated it the second time that I realized "OOPS THIS WAS TEA, NOT COFFEE!"

It reminded me of the day I went out for coffee to meet my friend, then headed to the Bible Study to discover it was not on that day due to a scheduled school holiday. OOPS. I then headed BACK to the coffee shop as it was a great spot to get some things done as the girls played. They were VERY WELL behaved and entertained themselves with those peg board games for about one hour. When I had left, I had placed my cup of ALMOST finished Chai on a corner table. When I came back, the place was as empty as when we left moments before, and my cup was still there.

I was actually glad it was there and thought "Good thing I forgot to toss this!"

So I picked it up, sat down and started my work. After a few moments I had the thought "Gee this is REALLY good mocha"

and only then looked back at the table to see my Chai indeed STILL where I left it.
I had picked up the remains of SOMEONE ELSE's LEFT COFFEE

Totally cracked me up as by then it was too late....

So I finished it, and then got to also enjoy the remaining CHAI- although I was sure to be discreet as I went to pick that up lest the guy working thought I was finishing discarded beverages off with intention!

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