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2007-02-21 - 2:04 p.m.

one more prediction--
I bet I was lied to again when I got the letter indicating that the case for unlawful detainer would be brough in the CIRCUIT COURT

One can be brought in EITHER that court of GDC


and I said "What is next WED?"

and he said, "oh my attorney wrote NOTICE that I will pick the girls up"

(he judge did said he could on every other WED with 10 days notice and AGREEMENT to the request.

But I would be willing to bet there was SOME NOTICE that has to do with the UNLAWFUL DETAINER and not visitation.

I will be willing to be a bit of CUTTING and SPLICING of a tape could so easily be done. (Heck any mom of multiple kids learns to do that after a while to save all those great stories on tape that are invaluable at nap time! I used to fix those tapes often!)

SO I have to go check the GDC site and keep reviewing that as well as the Circuit Court so I know when that is on the docket. Since my letters from the ERIE COURT were intercepted and I then DIDN'T EVEN GET A LETTER when visitation there was suspended, I do not think it conincidence that my 2nd P.O. Box key is now missing again.

I also don't find it to be innocuous that my sitter/friend Pocohantas who I like so much also can't find her set of spare keys to my house . They were in her car when I borrowed it. She said that's where she last saw them. I also noted however there also JUST HAPPENED TO BE A KEY that looked IDENTICAL to the missing safe key to the safe I didn't want in my house here so dropped off at Westley's attorney. Now MAYBE it was just a coincidence and its the same TYPE OF KEY as MAYBE she bought herself a safe like that. But MAYBE not, so it doesn't make me feel like my moments of not trusting COULD BE BOTH good instinct AND some Post tramatic stress!

There could be SOME truth in questioning her values and honesty but ALSO TRUTH that she doesn't have any sort of relationship of having been willing to help Westely out which is what I was wary of. I just didn't trust that every time I went out with her I'd have these men acting so very interested handing me their cards and felt like I was being set up.

That was probably my own fears though of Westely and the feeling he is everimposing and ever present in my life that I have to get into therapy to get over.

I still have such fear of him ACTIVELY trying to thwart my success and happiness. I don't question at all that if given opportunity he would be vindictive.

Au Pair off duty now. Before I look up my case to be sure there is not one in GDC and listen to the tape on APPELATE PROCEDURE I need to put kids down for nap. She is trying but needs a bit of help now I think

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