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2007-02-23 - 12:05 p.m.

REcalled that GDC is for actions less than $10,000 so don't need to check there for unlawful detainer.

Nothing showed up in circuit court, nor do I expect it to really do so since I did file the appeal to VA COURT of APPEALS and the case of my PPO is on their radar.

As expected there is a hope that an order is entered in the hearing of Feb 8 BEFORE my attorney withdraws as counsel.

I received a letter from my attorney that she received from opposing counsel indicating he did not think it proper she withdraw until ALL ORDERS from all hearings she represented me on have been entered.

I called BOTH SHE AND HE BACK to simply state I totally disagree with that as my intent in having her withdraw AT THE TIME I DISMISSED HER ON FEB 9 was SUCH THAT I COULD present MY OWN PLEADING/ RESPONSE to the court as the judge did in fact indicate he felt there were more arguments to be heard on the specific matter of the nuptial and that he would consider them by ANY PLEADINGS prior to making a decision.

I did receive an ORDER I was requested to sign. Also as expected it included ARREARS only from JAN the date of my filing of DIVORCE in circuit court and NOT FROM THE DATE OF SEPARATION OR THE DATE OF MY FILING FOR CHILD SUPPORT IN THE FAMILY AND DOMESTIC COURT.

So am I really that crappy at procedure as my former attny seems to want to convince me?
I really don't think so. I think I just hadn't read it so I was crappy before, but once actually looking it up and reading it which I will do PRIOR to any more hearings or pleadings, and have done for the past few weeks, its just not that complicated. Heck I did go to law school to do this.I can certainly handle my own case with more time and attention to it than a volunteer lawyer who works a few half days. Leave their services to those TRULY INDIGENT

which I really AM NOT NOT CONSIDERING I EXPECT BACK SUPPORT based on the REAL CALCULATION for the past seven months, and intend to not only pass the BAR but hang my own shingle soon enough.

I am not the victim in THAT regard that some pruport me to be.

I am just one of those SMART, CAPABLE WOMAN WHO HAPPENED to have married ANOTHER SMART, CAPABLE person who also chose to ABUSE ME.

I also happen to first and foremost be a MOM. That is indeed the most important role I have been and will be in.

I am confident any prudent judge will indeed do the right thing, as happened at the hearing on FEB 8 based on what the judge DID HEAR. It is now up to me that the WHOLE TRUTH get heard

But better yet, I feel like I am not powerless now as I made it clear there is STRONG COMPELLING EVIDENCE that is in my favor. REAL MC COY that would be hard to discredit. ALOT of it.

That means that best of all, perhaps all the BS nonsense of WESTELY PRETENDING he would consider a reasonable settlement then handing me BS ones with the right to render me homeless in 30 days notice will stop, and MAYBE I have leveled the playing field and we could actually approach a negotiating table.

Until now I wouldn't have considered it.

But I got a letter indicating that they would like to NON SUIT their seperate maintenance action of FEB 8

OH YEAH they'd like to. Who wants a record of trying to manipulate procedure and trying to create a record which is full of moments where your client purgered himself. I imagine Westely's attny figured out that since IN THE SAME PROCEEDING he actually NAMED my domicile as LOUDOUN for purposes to enjoin relocation, but LATER CLAIMED that my home was in NY that it won't be all that hard for any judge to figure out HE IS A LIAR.

There are enough inconsistencys. That's what happens to liars. They get exposed.

And its a funny thing about the truth. It often gets exposed EVENTUALLY as well.

Thank God.

So now I am actually happy as I have an offer of settlement.

Its called a life estate granting me the right to remain in our family home UNTIL I DECIDE NOT TO.

Its the right to maintain children in their family environment WHERE ALL THEIR SIBLINGS ARE WELCOME with their mother. IT includes the right with time with their father of course.

Condidering however that he married me with the obligation of providing for me AND MY TWO CHILDREN , and those are valuable relationships for his little girls as well, it seems FAIR.

HE indeed is in a house in Purcellville where the girls were thrilled to stay this weekend. They told me he said "Don't tell mommy"

That's not nice to do to kids. Especially WHEN THEY ARE EXCITED ABOUT HIS NEW HOME.

The weirdest thing of all is that I drove by THAT VERY SAME HOME just about a month ago, or maybe three weeks ago and saw the guy there moving out. I checked out THAT VERY SITE of all the ones in that SAME DEVELOPMENT. Westely had VERBALLY said we should sell the farm and get TWO HOUSES THERE.
I took a drive to try to be open to that possibility and wondering why I was resistant when he VERBALLY SAID THAT.




FOR NOW IT MAKES SENSE FOR IT TO BE ME as I have the greater NEED for the larger space with the other two and a nanny as well.

I am fighting this battle mainly because I REFUSE to allow that farm to be destroyed and I DID BUY into his attesting that if all else failed he wasnted that to be there for the kids REGARDLESS OF WHAT HAPPENED WITH US AS A COUPLE.

I felt he was DECEPTIVE in claiming that was a reason to sign a nuptial AFTER THE FACT.


And I think it the FAIR thing to do which indeed is also in the children's interest-- ALL OF THEM INCLUDING KATERINA AND SOREN who deserve to have time with me and their siblings.

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