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2007-02-24 - 7:34 p.m.

I'm a bit frustrated it has taken me all day to try to accomplish three things and they are not done yet:

1. Balance my accounts on microsoft money. That shouldn't be TOO HARD, however manuevering one of my BANK's hideous site's that has the worst interface and after talking to a number of customer service folk who were no help - AFTER HOURS of obsessing about this while reading partnership and corporate law in the slow page loading via AOL dial up time wasting interim... I FINALLY figured out HOW to do this. Now of course I am having super difficulty in ACHIEVING it as the site is timing out... I have to get up and take care of kids etc...
MY "idle time" on line far exceeds any productive time!

SO I have been on line OFF AND ON all day and stll didn't get to--

#2. Make travel reservations for Norfolk.

YES the BAR EXAM is only a few days away, and NO I have no reservations made yet for either rental car or hotel (or Greyhound.... or have a route for hitch hiking figured out yet HA HA.... I may not be joking though. I need to accomplish #1 to really know the BUDGET for #2! )
This is not exactly like a DEAD show where you can show up and know there will be someone willing to share a room.... Hmmmm... Oh yeah... I never traveled to DEAD shows, but I was the apt where my little Bro's dead head friends knew they could show up and crash on my couch. Hmmm... maybe it is just me that has an open door policy for vagrants in need of a place to crash,and I have learned not to expect others to be at all like me. I have learned MOST people LIE at one time or another... Oh and the biggest dead head couch crasher of all from then is now a COP. heading to Norfolk thinking I will find some lovely young woman who doesn't mind sharing a hotel room is likely not a great idea and I had better finish this accounting and book a room. I also waited as I had a friend who thought of coming along for a vacation of sorts while I took my exam. That would have been LOVELY to share dinner and time in Norfolk however didn't work out so now I won't worry about getting a decent place! (With company I certainly wouldn't want to hostel it... but just might if I can find one!)

Too bad its not warmer... I'll never forget the time my roomie came with me as my date for a wedding of my oldest girlfriend for which I was a bridesmaid and we camped in a georgous state park in VT! I am likely one of the few Bridesmaids who ever turned down the posh accomodations to a tent.... But she was working as an AA for an Exec after Katerine Gibbs and I was a lowly human services worker in a group home.

A little too cold to camp this time of year. That was in October...

Which brings me to the last thing I REALLY WANTED TO DO TODAY


I really should review that subject area before the BAR EXAM. I haven't touched it in years. I think the last work I did was in the area of researching education law and writing about Charter schools. ITs been a while.... alough review of Criminal law touched on those relevant constitutional issues.

Fortunately I LOVE CONSTITUTION LAW. It was one of my all time favorite classes and I took a number of Education Law Classes and studied that area in depth. (OH yeah... to say I never read in all of LAW SCHOOL Was an error. I should have said I almost never read case law of the MAIN SUBJECT AREAS. I in fact DID READ for my Education Law class ALOT. I Skimmed alot! I do recall though my disappointment at a low grade in constitution law which I found strange as I enjoyed it so much and thought I got it. I remember being very disappointed so likely should have reviewed that area sooner. (But then again I never did review that final exam and wouldn't be surprised at all if it were like my Criminal Law final when I accidentally handed in only three out of the four essay questions!)

NOw that I think of that it makes me just SURE I will pass the BAR this time. I have never taken it MEDICATED for ADHD before. It SO LIKELY that I never really ANSWERED all the questions, or never really handed all them in somehow... we ADHD people have a knack for doing quirky odd things like that. I do remember sleeping during every standardized test I ever took. I would bet that would seem HARD to do on something like the BAR exam, but the thing is- if AT ALL POSSIBLE then it almost LIKELY that I did something due to lack of attentiveness that affected my exam that I will NOT DO when treating ADHD!

Heck, at the very least, if I bring provisions I won't this time leave them in the hotel room refrigerator.

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