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2007-02-27 - 2:12 a.m.

I took 5 minutes to post while au pair was taking the kids to the bathroom this evening after we went out "fishing" for bandwith so I could book a hotel in Norfolk and rent a car.

I received a child support check today so just had to take care of outstanding bills and reconcile accounts prior to making my travel arrangements as I wanted to keep everything up to date and know what budget was.

Call me nuts if you want, but I had this strong faith that I would have no problem getting here and finding accomodations. If all else failed I could have slept in my car- although I PREFERRED to leave my car with the au pair.

Yesterday however after I took care of what bills I could with help from my Dad who wired money, I had a wopping $50 travel budget left for this trip.

Yet I still wasn't too concerned as I just KNEW that somehow it would work out! So receiving the support check today was lovely, even if it was accompanied by a nonsensical note claiming it included both Jan and FEb with accompanying figures that make absolutely no sense and then a not true statement on the check itself that it is support through Feb. The amount is not correct... but that will be reconciled eventually and it certainly is better to have received what support we did than none.

I had started to write about how maintaining my credit was a priority as for the first time in a long while I had a few bills being paid late. At least I communiated with the granters of credit and had arranged to pay by March 1.

So I took care of all of that BEFORE finally booking my travel plans. Trying to do so from home was futile and I wasted too much time being persistant in trying when I should have given up long before. The time just slipped away, between reconciling accounts and trying to clean the house before traveling.

Time to sleep. I feel really good about this exam! The hotel is pretty shabby compared to ones in Buffalo that I booked on priceline for 1/3 the cost. But as I was in a rush I went to travelocity as with priceline it takes a little longer to wait for a response.

I totally enjoyed the review of CON LAW on my ride here. I haven't listened to that or read that area in a long time and its one of my favorites. (Saved the best and easiest for me for last!) I can't recall the name of the really lovely professor who I studied with. She was honestly one of the nicest people I met at UB LAW.

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