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2007-03-08 - 6:07 a.m.

AH HA!! THe VA COURTS indeed has a wonderful
FORMS site!
Follow the link sans the last slash and "notice of appeal.pdf for the FORMS site of ALL forms.

HERE is the one I wish I had time to fill out.

It would have helped clarify who should be the appellant and appellee.
As there were differing opinions as to how I was to fill out PLAINTIFF and DEFENDANT on my
typewritten letter of NOTICE OF APPEAL (supplemented by my messy hand writing of all the items I FORGOT to type in when I cranked it out in about two mintues flat before rounding up my kids to whisk to the court before they closed that day of the deadline!)

In any case, I was VERY GLAD that I had the forsight to file TWO NOTICES OF APPEAL JUST TO MAKE SURE I PREFECTED THE FILING.

I also REALLY APPREACHIATE my one attorneys laugh and comment "Why am I not surprised?" or something similar of nature. I took that as a vote of confidence from him in my diligence and being smart enought to be able to procedurally meet deadlines against odds KNOWING THAT I DON't KNOW IT ALL COLD, and also in me being shrewd.

I still maintain being smart can take you further than being detail oriented. In the future I can HIRE an amazing paralegal for details. And when I DO KNOW an area I notice mistakes. But what is more important and hard to either measure or quantify and even place value on is INSTINCT.

Even when I don't know the RIGHT procedure to follow, or the right way to do something, I am almost never wrong when I get that CLEAR INSTINCT that something is not right.

I'm grateful for that internal compass which is hard to even explain. But I have it and it works very well.

There was NO WAY I was going to miss that deadline. I also had to argue with a clerk to take my money for the filing requirement of a $500 bond. The clerk didn't want to but as they were still open I was insistant and then another gentleman helped me. I profusely THANKED HIM!!

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