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2007-03-08 - 8:57 p.m.

I am ridiculously tired.

I arrived home not long ago after heading to Dulles International Airport in the hope that I would somehow land on that 6:00 pm flight that went to Buffalo tonight on United.

Round trip tickets booked yesterday would have been $850

And I couldn't FIND a decent flight that would bring me back home in time anyway.

I did however spend a few hours last night checking out all the last minute deals on TRAVELOCITY seeking a cheap package that included a flight landing anywhere within a 100 mile radius of Buffalo.

That includes the marvelous city of Toronto.
(OK maybe its a bit more than 100 miles, but close enough)

For less than the price of the tickets to and from Buffalo I could have gotten a package deal designed for TWO to enjoy a weekend getaway and gotten to Buffalo using only my flight tickets and the rental car and it would have been worth booking a package deal. I however called a friend and then my brothers and inquired if anyone wanted a weekend away as TRAVELOCITY now offers package deals for weekend getaways at amazing prices when two parties are leaving from different cities! SO AWESOME! I was seriously looking at the Philly packages as I would have loved to be able to whisk a friend away from there (if only to see the show I was heading to in Buffalo before I had to head home) The other possibility that occurred to me was that perhaps relatives of my budding actor who is a lead in a show this weekend might have been interested in the trip.

But the problem was that the times of flights arriving from two different cities did not both work out as suitable to make the show on time. The other problem was that whatever package I looked into, it was impossible for me to get a RETURN flight back home by tommorrow morning.

I really am disappointed to miss Soren's show.

I feel badly that he expected me to come and I didn't make it.

I am going to book flights for the kids trip here over Spring Break now to ensure we get them before they sell out as I did note some dates are no longer available!

I miss the kids. I had ordered a pizza and wings last night for my kids and au pair here for tonight (when I hoped to be out of town) After the hours at the airport I came home and ate the wings.

The sensation of hot sauce on my lips definately triggered some emotional memory of Buffalo for me as it suddenly made me feel very sad to not be there with my kids.

Highlight of today was when after our break during class I returned to my seat to find a newspaper article of "Overzealous Master Gardenere Trainees Kill historic boxwood"

It was HILARIOUS! My cohort in crime of serious snippage had made a fictitious article up that had us all in stiches (as my mom would say.)

I immediately knew she had made the fake article

It was the highlight of my day! I love people who can laugh at themselves. We had more fun joking around as we took the pruners to that boxwood. The article she wrote was hilarious as she said something about the plant not surviving the cold snap due to its excessive hair cut. I then passed it around the class and everyone got a good laugh out of it.

The best part of all is that EVEN THOUGH THE ARTICLE WAS SO OBVIOUSLY A SPOOF for a split second there as I started to read I actually thought "OH no! How did we kill it?" I was tired enough that I fell for the gag for a brief moment as my brain processed the words faster than the images (which were the giveaway of it being fake)

If I had gotten to keep it I think that would have inspired me to finally figure out how to scan images and upload them onto this site! IF I get a copy of it I will do that!

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