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2007-03-20 - 2:10 a.m.

In one of our recent classes discussion of personality indicators came up. Myers Briggs is just so pasee....

I thought of this tonight as I was

1. Reading for class tommorrow

2. Thinking over the weekend there should be a dating personality indicator something like this:

P or L (prompt or late-- the responsibility indicator)

H or L (Honest or Liar)

C or I (Confident or Insecure---Paramater as to whether one cares if someone lies in the polite little white lie manner such as "I'll call you later, I'm out running errands" at 7:30 pm on a Sat night...Mmmm Hmmmm.... when its so damn obvious they are on a date, but they don't want to rub salt in the wounds at this point.... since you professed you can't date due to this little issue of BEING maintining that platonic relationship which of course the attraction thing just somehow ends up being an issue for one or the other...even if not acknowledged... usually an issue of frustration for one, while the other is out "running errands" so politely.... Ahhh)


C or I (Confident or Insecure---- As in Can you take true honesty when getting the call on a Sat night from friend who does want to talk with you that says "I'm heading out to dinner now." at 6:30 pm and is honest when you say
"Enjoy your date"
then really does call to chat and say hi afterwards, and you get the honest answer to the questions you really should have known better to ask in that crossing of boundaries, inquisition, third degree type manner "Where did you go?"

and get the answer of "Tuscorora Mill"

which for some bizarre reason is a hot button... perhaps because it was business clients your EX entertained there with greater frequency than you went... boy lucky the answer wasn't MORTONS or who knows just how catty you could have become....


C or I (Confident or Insecure) when you then stop getting calls altogether on the weekend date nights but continue to have great chats with friend during the week on occassion (but not as frequent.)

I would have to admit I am a LHCCC.... Except on weekends!

I wrote a very brief version of the above and had prudence not to text it to my friend! ( I was so tempted to!) This weekend was a blast actually as I talked with a number of good friends and brothers and had a hoot with one who was hilarious and had me laughing so hard I was crying with some spoof text messages mocking dating (or in my case NON DATING) flirting by text. Its the method of trying to flirt with one, while out with others as you can "connect" without actually having to call. I don't think I laughed as hard in ages as I did from the hilarious spoof text messages.

Strangely that is not AT ALL what I intended to write about here. I intended merely to write a fantastic quote said by a classmate in response to personality indicators:

"I recommend GOLF. You can't go wrong. By the Eleventh Hole-- YOU JUST KNOW"

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