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2007-03-22 - 7:23 p.m.

ITs been a lovely day here in the 70s. I wanted to come home and finally start the pruning I have been yearning to so. Of course I ended up taking care of the kids, and making dinner and now still taking care of their needs.

I haven't time for that today.

Sat is a Community Service Day at the Master Gardeners Demo Garden. I'd love to help but won't as I will have all the kids and it wouldn't be a safe place for all of them that day. Too many tools and hazards. I hope we get some clean up done here at home then.

I also got a lovely invite from Pocohontas who is arranging a gathering of women friends. I would love to get a sitter to go-- we'll see if I can work that out.

I did have a lovely time last night hanging out in a wonderful local city. I also enjoyed chatting with an old girlfriend who I haven't spoken with in a long time. The friend I met out who was really wonderful to me indicated he would love to do it again. What is nice is that I might get the opportunity to hang out where my old HS friend lives and actually see more of her as well as spend time with this new friend. He was really open to having her join us! That was lovely!

I have an invite to a few upcoming social outings with his friends. I think that will be really fun and I am very excited about that! I had to decline one invite for this weekend as I am just sure I won't be able to get (or really afford) a sitter as it would be an engagement that would require too much time and drive time, I think a more formal event where I'd be a date, and I just can't swing that right now. (Finances just too tight! I had to spend a lot on travel and sitting for the BAR and for the kids coming here soon!)

But the other is in the future with some of his close friends and co-workers which I am really pleased about and looking forward to.

Off to get the girls ready for bed.

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