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2007-04-27 - 11:50 a.m.

I've been happily busy.

The last hearing on the nuptial went well overall I thought.

The opposing counsel argued that I had signed the nuptial and pointed out that paragraph three indicated I had been represented by counsel.

When the attorney who drafted the nuptial was on the stand I cross examined him and used the document in hand to ask "Do you see paragraph three?"


"Do you notice that the standard language of 'represented by' was crossed out by me and replaced with 'consulted with' "

He noted that.
I then asked if he recalled the conversation at the time when I told him I was not represented by any attorney, but had met with one who refused to represent me.

I asked a few other very good cross examination questions such as
"Did you call this agreement 'DRACONIAN'?"

I think I did rather well overall.

And the Judge then said "I have to stop this proceeding and remove myself from the bench as I can not be an impartial judge and I feel the character of an attorney I know is being questioned."

So a visiting judge will hear the matter on June 6 at 1pm in Loudoun Circuit court.

I may have already written about this... I don't know since its been so long since I wrote.

There was a motion to quash my soupenas of six witnessess as I am not BAR CERTIFIED
and the code says a BAR CERTIFIED ATTNY or CLERK OF COURT can issue soupenas.

What I find most interesting is that I had paid the filing fee and REQUESTED the clerk to issue them for me. The clerk told me I HAD TO TAKE THEM TO THE SHERIFFS OFFICE to be issued. The SHERIFFS OFFICE said they had to be filed at the clerks office FIRST and then THEY WOULD ISSUE.

I basically deceided I don't care which is proper but filed them WITH BOTH for redundancy to be sure it was accomplished. I commented to the lady at the sheriffs civil unit that it didn't really matter if I wasn't suppossed to file them there first, the clerk could follow up and REISSUE THEM as I paid the clerks office. And that if that was the proper procedure my having already given them to the sheriff wouldn't make a difference if it was ALREADY done.

Once again another odd procedural glitch!

My witnessess all got a letter stating they didn't have to show.


It was a strong indication of the strength of the facts of my case. All showed WILLFULLY in their own desire to help me present the truth.

I was touched by that.

Today I am at a library to check e-mail, then off to do legal reseach and pay some bills.

Katie has a school play tonight, although her DAD would not be helpful in letting me know if she will be in it or not.

He irritates me with his lying and game playing of leaving messages like "I would like to talk to the girls some night before bed" after I had them CALL HIM a few nights this week and they DID talk to him! HE is such an ass pretending that I don't facilitate contact. BULL SHIT

Then this AM he lied in an attempt to make me look bad. He lied about getting some bill for taking Katie to the Dr. that he complained should have been sent to me not him for the COPAY.

ASS HOLE He was so obviously just baiting me to get me to say I didn't ever take her to the Dr.

What a jerk

He said he got pinkeye.

When she was dropped off for the weekend with him she didn't have it.
So of course its my fault if the kids come down with that when in his care.

And of course he wants to argue I am a negligant mother as I didn't take her to the Dr.

I did however have erythomyacin which was a NEW TUBE unopened and unexpired and prescribed for the same damn thing in my cupboard. So I defend my right to not disrupt everyone's schedule and incur unneccessary co pays to take her in for something like that. I treated her at home for the required time and it was beyond the seven days when he picked her up for a visit on THU as she was treated from FRIDAY the week before.

So when she was picked up I didn't mention it as I DIDN'T HAVE REASON TO!

Additionally I did just allow it to clear up naturally in one of the other little girls as she didn't get it that badly and it did resolve itself.

But he has to be contentious about everthing and seek any way to attack my parenting.

As I told the nurse at school who asked for a Dr. note that MONDAY "I don't have one, I didn't take her to the Dr." but I said I am treating it and showed her the tube of erythomyacin, I said "She is now asymptomatic, and furthemore has never had a diagnosis warranting she can not come to school today."

The nurse said something about how she didn't feel comfortable with me giving medicine without a prescription, but I am the parent.

That's right.
I am the parent who is not getting adequate child support and whose husband has cut off the phone line.

I am the parent who is frugal and not wasting money on things that are not of value.
As a parent of six kids I value medical services as needed, but sure as hell am not taking kids to Dr.s for every damn cold and every child illness that I have training and knowledge and medicine available to treat at home without expense or disruption to the other little ones!

Heck go to an office we come back with more illnessess in the house than we left with. That's a fact!

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