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2007-06-14 - 1:56 a.m.

I am cleaning my house now. I could use a solid night's sleep, however there is just not enough time in the day to do everything I have to do- so since I awoke thirsty I deceided to clean up my study of its myraid papers in hopes of tossing many.

Notes I jotted down as favorite quotes when observing the court of Judge Chamblin a few weeks ago:

"I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday" Said in response to the man who claimed he really TRIED to refinance that loan but his hands were tied as his wife's attny held the deed.

And then addressing the allegation that the bank just WON'T help the man:
"If they refuse I suggest you soupena them and tell them to show up here and tell me why they can't"

Go judge.... go judge... go judge...

The contempt for non compliance of an order seemed well deserved in this case. I did pay attention to Chamblin's final comments on that case
after finding the guy in contempt. " If you don't have cooperation, then you sue. Don't sit back and do nothing..."

Good advice for me. That was a nudge I need once in a while.

It was nice to observe and learn from my old attny in that particular case. I did like her presence and demenaor in the court.

I intended on watching the opposing counsel to pick up on some of his nuances thinking there might be something helpful- some quirky thing perhaps that he is in a habit of saying that might be wise to pay attention to etc. Some insight that might come in handy. His case before the court that day however was settled.

I chose the court I did thinking that since that judge removed himself we won't be in front of him again.

I really liked that judge every time I have been in his court. (Even when I was late!)
Since he removed himself from our case I figure that his court is perhaps the best learning opportunity for me.

I swear it would have helped to have watched even one darn legal drama. Shamefully even after knowing of Jesse Martin through 2 degrees of separation, and now that my Ex's half sister is a writer who won a competition for a script for Law and Order and living in L.A. hoping to write for NBC, I haven't seen more than a few episodes of that show.

I made it through law school without having watched Judge Judy more than a few times.

SO I watched Chamblin's court in hopes of getting a clue of the procedure and decorum and seemingly simple things like court rules.

And the comment that he made that made me laugh most of all was when he said something like "To borrow a phrase from Boston Legal, I just love that judge Shelly , isnt she terriffic, 'enough gobblygook'..."
Perhaps that was the best unintended advice for me from Judge Chamblin. I need to watch Boston Legal.

I also took away that I should read the article in VA Quarterly Lawyer from a few months back on Procedural Error. (I think last Fall's issue)

Chamblin mentioned the article after a case in which the lawyer failed to consider the inclusion of children from a previous marriage in a child support calculation. As Chamblin noted "Until the legislature tells us how to do domestic issues: If you don't raise it you waive it"

phew-- notes transcribed. That's one more piece of paper I can thankfully now throw out. That feels good! With every item removed from this mess of a study I feel like I'm getting closer to life being settled and orderly.

Back to continuing to clean now. I am thrilled to have a new vacume. I comes at a great time as I really need to vacume the rugs well after the girls had caught SCABIES! They are mites that burrow under skin in a disgusting fashion. So I am also up at all hours of the night as since they had them I have been washing sheets nightly and towels and clothing even after one use for this week until they receive the second treatment of Premethin to be sure all the buggers were killed and there are no lingering eggs to hatch and reinfest!

CE LA Vie... Its not much more laundry than usual actually as a few of the girls are still trying to learn to stay dry at night so I have the midnight 5 min showers, changing of sheets and laundry chore for me pretty regularly anyway.

Back to the night cleaning spurt and hopefully soon back to bed.

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