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2007-06-20 - 8:23 a.m.

I am disappointed our local parish is having Vacation Bible School in the evening rather than the morning. its from 6:30 to 8:00 pm which just doesn't work for the little girls.

I am searching for other programs in the area and found a few options.

I am also looking at the summer programs available in the area and am amazed at how many there are offered and just how complex it is to FIND them and get registered etc...

I have been at this since 7am and here its one hour and a half later and I am actually getting TIRED and haven't gotten one child registered yet... Oh well. Alexy slept in but is awake now so my time to devote to this may be cut short.

I am so tempted to call some friends with kids and ask where they are registered as this is taking so long with web pages loading. It might just be easier!

I am tired as I have been fighting a cold. After the major cleaning of hidden dust under beds and closets I caught something. I was sick when camping- but it was such a great place to not feel well as the girls were SO RELAXED and HAPPY just hanging out. Not being home when having little energy to chase around after them was great as had we been home they would have wrecked the house with playing.

It was nice to not be able to move, but not HAVE to move! On SUN I SLEPT all morning in a chair by the camp while the girls played at my feet with the toys I was glad I brought. I had picked up a set of big gardening toys which entertained them all morning. They just love digging in the dirt!

Playing with catepillars was also a source of amusement (AS ALWAYS)

After lunch we enjoyed swimming in the lake which was marvelous.

Nothing like lake swimming on a hot day to make one feel better when sick!

Today it is overcast and I am still very achy with the col The house is full of toys already since Katie and Raitlin have been up playing. Time to remind them to put some away they are not now using before this place is wrecked again with toys everywhere!

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