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2007-06-25 - 5:03 p.m.

I am SO GLAD to have gotten a call from Gabriella!

When Katerina and I were shopping for shoes for her CLASS DAY a few months ago when she was visiting, we ran into Gabriella, her violin teacher.

We were SO THRILLED as she moved her school from Leesburg and I had not been able to track her down. So I was thrilled to reconnect.

Unfortunately the phone # scrawled on the back of the receipt remains in a pile of receipts in the drawer to be filed. I had not transcribed it

She called though as we are going to host an international student for the International Youth Orchestra!
We are all thrilled about this.
Katerina is thrilled to be challenged. The only problem is there is one week to rehearse and I have NO IDEA where the youth orchestra is meeting!

The mailbox of Gabriella's phone is full and the site e-mail doesn't work. Trying to connect...
ANYWAY here is the site to this amazing woman's work. She really is just remarkable! Some Loudoun organization named her as Woman of the Year a few years ago for her marvelous work with youth.

She truly is an inspiration. For info on the amazing youth orchesta click here:

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