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2007-07-18 - 12:36 p.m.

JUst to be sure I document some of the odd things that I have encountered latesly.

A friend of Pocohanta's took great interest in "helping" me.

Yes the enabler type,
but he also JUST HAPPENS to have boasted about working for some big real estate mogul named SAL An Italian who just "happened" to gife a 40 million dollar property to the LOUDOUN BOARD OF SUPERVISORS a few years back.

This guy just "happened' to be real interested in having me meet SAL

For some reason Pocahanta's "friend" acted like it might be in my interest to know what this homestead is valued at.

I asked "What do you do? Read divorce filings then look up where they live and suddenly befriend their friends and neighbors and the poor wife..."

He looked a bit stunned.

Then said "I really care. Don't say that."

I said, "sure you care, but its not ILLEGAL and its good business. The same way in Brooklyn if you want to find an apt you read the death notices."

So despite me attesting that
1. I have no interest and couldn't care less

2. I don't have title and ownership and wouldn't be able to make a move without Westely EVEN IF I HAD SOME INTEREST.... so perhaps they want HIS NUMBER TO CALL

This "friend" insisted on stopping by unannounced and insisted on havning Sal talk to me.

So I had a chat with Sal on the phone

And he asked "where are you going to?"

and he asked "why is the marriage ended? Let me guess mental cruelty"

I just said "not exactly" and
"I'll be honest. I am in litigation hopring to not go anywhere. I did sign a nuptial under duress and hope it can be thrown out. But as for what I want, I hope for an estate with right of use for myself and the girls. I don't give a hoot about equity, and I am figthing to remain home with them as a stay at home mom." OR something to that effect.
HE told me what the estate is called. HE seemed like a very nice man who thought I was in a position to sell. I made it clear I am not.

Maynbe Westely will wnat to talk to him if he want to sell sometime in the future.

Now this same guy, friend of Pocohantas, noted the stuff in our barn and was interested in "inventorying it" so I know its worth.

I said "Freat, might come in handy, but likely not."

HE said "you've got at least $50,000 worth of equiptment in there.

I said "So what? Its not mine and all that I did have interest in that belonged to the business we owned together was alreasy sold by Westely."

HE encouraged me to sell what is left to be able to get a lawywer.

I said "Right? SO I can get sent to jail? That would be illeagal"

He kept insisting it is marital property.

I kept insisting it doesn't matter until the nuptial is settled and I don't care if it is-- as I can't sell it without Westely's involvement and agreement.

Its just somewhat annoying as I don't know if these people are dumb and well intentioned really thinking they are heloing me with their bad advice, or if they are working for Westely.

If so I hope he pays them what is agreed on... they have worked hard, but I am neither unethical or dumb.

THe latest was encouraging sale of some of WESTELY's routers that were pulled out of AOL. They are old ones that were to be trahed and he kept them as an engineers toy to work and play with. I knew they are not mine to touch ,so said "If interested I can pass your contact of the guy who re-sells used equiptment to Westely."

Although I am sure if Westly wants to sell his stuff e-bay will do.

Its just annoying to have these folks so interested in offering help when I really don't think it either ethical or helpful.

But Ce la Vie They are leaving me alone now. So either I said something in jest that they reoorded to cut and splice and make our conversations out to something other than what they are, or they realized they are barking up the wrong tree.

OH well.

The one guy DID find a farmer to cut hay which is good as it keeps us in land use so I am apprechiative.

I think they likely are interested in helpins, and this guy likely is so fond of beautiful Pocahontas that he really did want to help her friend.

But I am skeptical.

And wise to be so.

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