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2007-07-19 - 2:01 p.m.

I finally remembered to order the BIG BLUE FILTERS for our water system

Your Orders

Order Number Order Date Total Order Status
CP-437151 7/19/2007 $85.79 Paid

I am saving this here just so I have the info on the order. Its the easiest way to save it!

Today I have loaded up the car with garbage to take to the dump and am STILL sorting through a ton of papers to find my legal papers needed to bring to my attorney. I realized that very oddly it appears that when Westely came here he actually may have taken FOLDERS and BINDERS that he thought were his. Strangely when I went to organize my files the new binders that Blackford had brought to me when he was helping me with this monumental task of legal work months ago, just disappeared from the top of the desk where they had been.

Very strange!

I had the largest pile of paper and had to sort to try to find what I need to bring to my attorney. ITs taken a ridiculous amount of time. I gave up any notion of organizing it and am just sorting as to what to send or not.

Back to the hideous task!
Kids are playing Katies new video game and folding laundry. Its really hot and muggy outside so not the best day for playing outside. Too bad that Sadie and Katie keep getting on each other's nerves. Soren is playing guitar and they are singing upstairs so maybe Sadie will join them instead of picking a fight with Katie every few moments. She is just SO oversensitive that she gets upset and then Katie gets nastier... off to intervene.

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