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2007-07-23 - 2:19 p.m.

Interesting article from my alumni magazing hightlighting research that MAY show a correlation between morning sickness and less incidence of breast cancer.h

I recall having moring sickness only one time only. I was expecting Soren and driving to work at PEOPLE INC and recall being late for our monthly management meeting as I had to pull over due to morning sickness.

I recall it, as although I struggled with being on time, I KNOW when not to be late and made an extra point of leaving early to ensure I was on time for work! I did struggle with that the first year in my job, but then with a shift scedule from coming in at 3pm to coming in at 2pm it made it MUCH BETTER for me somehow.

So I was generally on time for work except when I just HAD to pull over as I WAS SO SLEEPY and had to avoid dozing at the wheel, and the occassion of getting sick.

My mom recently told me her lymphoma is active again.
She also had a lump removed from her breast years.

She is handling it well though and in the watching waiting phase.

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