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2007-08-05 - 4:17 a.m.

I just had an interesting conversation with Art (as always) before I kicked him out tonight.

I feel like a heel not allowing him to crash on my couch as he has been staying a few nights at each of our circle of friend's homes these past few weeks until he finds a place.

His mom set a healthy limit and kicked him out. Not for anything he did, but rather for what he hasn't done-- make enough money and find a better place ggggggggggggg

OOps fell asleep on the keyboard there...

Before he left as I can't let him stay here tonight (as much as I would like to)... he read to me from and astrology/psycology book called The Book of Birthdays.


Art wanted me to read the analysis of my birthday, his birthday and that of the sweet guy I am now seeing.

It was fascinating.

Off to bed now. I actually had a wonderful time going out to sing Kareoke with Art last night. I pushed limits a bit though with this guy I am seeing as the night before last I had been helping Blackford with his taxes. So he started to have a trust issue.

I can't blame him- as I think if it were flipped and he went over to an Ex' house to help her with taxes and then the next night after I said I was tired and didn't want to go out, should he then go out singing and dancing with another gal friend... I am sure I would have an issue with that.

So I set that boundry with Art, told him he could sleep in the tent tonight that is still in the yard.

He just left-- I think rather upset.

But before he left he had to read to me from the book about My birthday

We were both totally cracking up--
Here he was reading to his muse something like

Believes in sexual freedom, yet is prudish in some regards and also believes in fidelity.

What a great statement! Accurate as anything. My comfort level at being the muse is wonderful. I can allow Art to use me as an inspirational model, and am very free spirited in the sense that I think sexuality should be celebrated and embraced; however I would never allow a boyfriend to stay overnight.
I have no qualms about how Art would like to paint me, yet in my daily life I am conservative in dress and manner (usually)

Off to bed now......

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