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2007-08-06 - 4:23 p.m.

The oler kids and our teenager babysitters (Katerina and Soren's friends) have all been highly entertained by this POTTER PUPPETS on You Tube

Soren and Katerina and I have been working through the Harry Potter movies so I can take them to see the 5th and be up to date with the story.

I am about to finish the end of the third now as little girls nap.

For more you tube fun, the mentos coke videos are amusing. Blackford procrastinated before we got to the taxes by showing me those the other night. The big kids were with me and loved those homegrown videos as well.

Other than entertainment with You Tube,the highlights of my weekend were a lovely bike ride with my man to check out some surrounding areas as I am looking for a place to live.

The young associtate representing me did a fine job of making what he thought was a clear no brainer common sense argument that it is ludicrous to think the to kick a mother and six kids out of their home would be reasonable. The court listened, and agreed to an extent- and therefore decided to wait until OCT to then kick me out with my four girls.

Somehow they believed that makes it a more reasonable decision.

I think the young attorney was just shocked.

Welcome to Loudoun County Circuit.

A place where common sense means something different than in the rest of the world.

So I am house hunting.

Hoping to find a lovely place for my family of seven--- yes seven--- as I hoped to have an au pair with us.
We shall see...

On my budget of $2500 we'll see how I do!

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