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2007-08-10 - 6:02 p.m.

Richie Havens is playing Wolftrap with Arlo Guthrie this Sunday night.

I did a search for his web site and then for my old drum teacher, cohort of my Ex's, Papa Emile who still plays with Richie on occassion. I doubt he is touring with him now, but he just might be in which case it will be a blast to see him. If he is I want to get in touch. I came across this fantastic story of an old Hippi musician who discovered he was actually recorded but hadn't known it:

Shoot, after doing the internet search it occurred to me to just check my personal phone book as I might still have Papa Emile's number.... DUH

I studied Jembe with him every Sat morn for at least a year. One of the most wonderful times of my life. I loved when we would go to an occassional drum circle to play. The Unitarian Church on Elmwood Ave in Buffalo would host that and the place was packed with people listening and dancing. It was such a vibrant community.

Fond memories.

I also recall the Baptism party of Soren with Papa and my Ex and my brother all jamming. It was just a blast the fun party we had. My parent hanging out with Aged Hippies...

I get a big laugh out of the fact that when Katerina and Soren went to visit my folks in Fl they told them about my wonderful boyfriend, calling him that- and in describing him basically ONLY told them that he rides a motorcycle, "And Mom rode it" ... things that would make my mother AFRAID.

SO at that time I said "You called him my boyfriend? UH oh... just what I need is for her to be worried...."

Apparently they told her, "You'll probably meet him"

to which she wryly responded "Oh, I don't think so."

I of course found this hilarious. So we have had more fun adding onto the desccriptors of my oh so wonderful, mature and BALANCED man in my life. He really is wonderful-- and I suppose if some wanted to describe him as the following it would all be true as well to SOME extent(which makes this a hoot)

Now the desciption of my man has evolved to
"My gun toting, Cowboy, aged Hippy, Biker Boyfriend" who is so sweet to be taking me to see Richie Havens preform while he is in town.

I loaned my youngest brother his album Resume years ago and never got it back nor was able to find it again whenever I looked.

It will be nice to hear his music again. (with my truly stable fed employee.... who also meets the other desciptors... and has the softest thickest hair I have ever touched and incredible blue eyes that make my heart melt.)

But now its dinner time.

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