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2007-08-16 - 12:07 p.m.

The VA court of Appeals ruled on my Appellate Case. They "Summarily Affirmed" the trial court determination.

My outburst of being upset and blurting out "It will be on the record that he slapped her" was not a clear legal objection to the judge stating "I will not hear further witnessess" and was not a clear objection raised indicating that there was evidence to be presented that was not given the chance to be presented.

I knew that my attorney's written objection on the trial court decision was not enough to preserve an issue on appeal. I had hoped that my instinctive outburst would have been.

It wasn't

So that chapter has come to an end. Affirmed and REmanded to circuit to assess attorney fees rewarded to my husband as I have to pay the expense of his attorney for the appeal.

It was well worth it.

A good investment in protecting my children.

It may have cost me a lot of money to remain home with them this past year.

I am glad I made the choice to do so.

It was a very healthy thing for the girls to work through alot of their emotional issues while home in their familiar space. I think it was essential for them to address some things. I think it was essential for Katerina and Soren and the girls' well being that they all had this time together with me as a family in our home.

It was validating that this is our home.

We needed that validation after years of not being allowed to make any space we lived in our home. Every space was always the transitional investment and this VA home was HOME. So it was necessary for the girls stability to follow through on that promise of this as the home we would always return to. With moving every year and a half and always in crisis of chaos and making every place perfect they NEEDED that peace of a home, THEIR home they were promised would always be a safe place we would return to.

Now it will still be their home with their father-- which is a good thing, as I am sure he will move back in and they will spend their weekends with him here. I hope...

I am ready to move on now.

The decision of the nuptial being seen as both VALID and INCORPORTATED was made just a few weeks ago. I was told I had until Oct 5 to move. So I have been looking for a place and looking for a job concurrantly. I have been trying to remain in good standing with the au pair agency and they send me applications. So I am hoping it all comes together.

Personally I am grateful for supportive friends and family. My one friend ART however kept pushing boundaries. I was happy to be his "muse" but wanted to make it clear I would model for him , I would support him in his dream, but I did not want a romantic relationship other than a friendship.
I thought he handled that, pushed away, and then came back as a friend. But he was worse than ever. He totally pushed boundaries and was disrespectful and I had to tell him even our friendship is not working at this point.

So he is moving on and I wish him well.

Blackford has been able to maintain a healthy friendship and I am grateful for that. HE and Buffy and Pocohantas continue to be wonderful supports. We to each other.

KAterina and Soren go back to Buffalo on Sunday. The little ones go to visit their Dad tonight. I made it through the first four Harry Potter movies and Soren and Katerina are looking forward to going to the movies with the wonderful guy I am dating to see the Fifth movie tommorrow. We enjoyed a wonderful night at the Richie Havens and Arlo Guthrie Show this past Sunday as Buffy babysat the kids. I sat her kids on Sat night so she could spend time with Blakford. Their relationship is progressing and they both seem very happy about it. I am happy for them both! We are all happy to have a good babysitting swap going. Sat nights are Buffy and Blackford's date night as I have said I will happily babysit, and Sun nights it is Buffy's turn so I can go out. This works wonderfully! The older kids are a little sad to be leaving. The little ones don't fully understand they are going away (at least not all of them! Sadie and Katie get it, and I think Raitlin too but Alexy doesn't seem to understand at all. She seems to think we are all going together. I heard Soren trying to explain it to her. I heard Sadie saying how she wants to go to Soren's school, so I expect the next few weeks will be sad and an adjusment for the little girls. Soren read the first Harry Potter book to Sadie this summer and they really enjoyed doing that together. The other girls were too young, so just the two of them got the quiet reading time which was so good for them both. They were reading in the car whenever we went anywhere- in the third row of seats. They were reading at any opportunity and it was really cute.

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