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2007-09-13 - 4:01 p.m.

I have to comment on just how amazing it is that people really go out of their way to be kind and help me out in my time of need in any way they can.

I think I wrote here of the incredible fact that when I stupidly scratched my wonderul boyfriend George's truck that the body shop billed me a total of $26.51

They basically charged me ONLY for the one molding they had to order!

They are a place I have taken our cars to be serviced for the whole eight years of our marriage. They, like others in the community knew both me and Westley. His perfectionism was not lost on them. They observed how everything in our world had to be perfect. So when I went in myself with the borrowed car and told them I was paying for its repair myself and refused help and refused to be enabled by my boyfriend who was gracious in both letting me borrow the truck and then fixing it and was not at all controlling about either, I think they were so happy to be supportive of me!

It was their little way of supporting all women who seek to be empowered and get away from enabling controllers. It was their gesture toward promoting self responsibilty and applauding women who are wise enough to know they don't NEED to be saved by a relationship.

It was their way of attesting that there are alto of WONDERFUL PEOPLE in our community who ARE WILLING to support and offer help in healthy ways that promote independence.

The service manager at the dealership where I have brought our Volvos for the past eight years is ALSO amazingly helpful. This dealership has great service and repairs cars very quickly to make customers happy. In my case they work with me, knowing my finances are tight, knowing I am waiting for a child support check each month, and knowing I can barely afford to keep the car running.

So I bring it in about every other month for the few things I can afford to do THEN.

And they in this really funny way, just HAPPEN to take WEEKS to get the required parts. They just HAPPEN to give me a brand new car to borrow in the interim. (The one I drove off with when I dropped my car off three weeks ago had 128 miles on it.)

The dealer's borrowed car now has over 2000 miles on it. It will likely be double that by the time I get the call my car is "Ready" for pick up.

I called today just to ensure I didn't miss any calls it was ready. As a bailee of their new car, I wanted to be sure they hadn't called to get a disconnection notice, or a busy signal and that I wasn't overextending a warm offer of help.

No-- "We are still waiting for a part"



I am so blessed by wonderful people in the world who do what they can to assist my family in these times of need.

They are a blessing and make life so much easier. It makes me so hopeful and happy to know there really are such good people in this world that go out of their way to help others in need, even when they are not asked to!

With our human natures, I think that indeed is nothing short of grace of God in our lives, calling us out of of own concerns to respond to the needs of others.

I certainly feel blessed!

Off to enjoy dinner and organize backpacks. Of course one of the girls backpacks is MIA already! I am sure it will turn up!

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