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2007-09-13 - 3:15 p.m.


Just in the knick of time!

I signed a lease last night for a aunt in wonderful 4 bedroom home literally in the community we live in! It is a block away from one of my best friends, one of the Moms whom I was a Scout Leader with.

I called transportation and arranged for the bus to pick up the girls at our new home on OCT 1!!!


I couldn't have found a more perfect home than this one. The only drawback is that it is on six acres so will require some lawn care.
However the lawn care guy I found will do that for $100 and considering it will be mowed once more before I move in, I likely might have to only take care of it once this season, and then worry about that next year.

The house is just beautiful, with a lovely back and front porch, a small pond and a lovely FENCED YARD. It is on a very quiet dirt road which doesn't get a lot of traffic.

When I first went to look at it I had a few naysayers think I was a bit nuts saying "You can't afford that."

I said "Watch me: I am not going to pay what he THINKS he'll get in this market- -he's deceiving himself. I will offer what I can afford and what it is REALLY worth in this market, and he will rent it to me."

So indeed I was correct! With the amount of rentals on the market now, he called a real estate agent who advised him "TAKE THE OFFER"

I had pointed out a comparable home in North Purcellville, also off the beaten path, that had 5 bedrooms and a finished attic which has been vacant for months now even thought they wanted what I offered him. He listened... and decided help with the mortgage was worth taking a risk on tenants.


Now I am so thrilled as I had an offer to go on on a trip this weekend out to Colorado with my lovely boyfriend. He left last week, and would like me to come join him for a couple days to meet his family and friends and spend time with him. I had said "I am sure I will find a place by then! OK"

and thought I would go IF I HAD FOUND A PLACE TO MOVE TO.

PHEW... had I NOT found a place I would have had no choice but to cancel that plan that I tentatively made a few months ago. I really thought it would be easier to find a rental than it has been.

So I am cleaning my house (a bit), have packed to move (a bit) and need to pack for weekend travel (A bit). I am flying into Denver and will be spending time in Boulder Colorado area.

I thought I better take this opportunity to travel now as if I get lucky and land a job it might be some time before I could again get the opportunity to travel again.

I had an old Canisius classmate, and former post college roommate named Barb who ran a vegetarian restaurant Steamboat Colorado. I lost touch with her and searched for her info as I would have loved to see her and her husband Pa t again. They were great fun. I know they have a few kids and I know one of them was teaching disabled in a school for a while. *So funny how almost ALL of my college friends went on to do that as a job after college at one time or another!

I can't wait to take photos of the mountains and plains this weekend and relax before my return for the big move!

It will be a big job. I am sending out invitations for help at my "Moving Party"

My good friend who will be around the corner from me after we move advised "Invite 15 people, and 4 or 5 will show up"

Good advice!

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