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2007-09-17 - 6:17 p.m.

The girls had a lovely afternoon. They helped clean up the play room, motivated by a new set of beads for making necklaces for when done. They also got cute little notepads and pencils covered with fluffy, girly girl feathers that just thrill them. I was grateful for these gifts to give them, along with a huge pile of hand me down clothing, which were gathered and offered by my boyfriend's sister. He just happened to be visiting there at the time during which she had been going through old clothes.

Well, my girls were just THRILLED with the new clothes they now have! They were so very excited by the many stylish new outfits.

Then we spent time listening to the Reading Rainbow stories on line here:

Soren and a few of his friends at Buffalo Preforming Arts were thrilled that READING RAINBOW hired them for their first professional acting jobs. They were paid to read the winning contest stories on line.

Our of our favorites is the 1rst Place Third Grade story called Trophy Tails.

I spent the morning cooking spaghetti for a fund raiser dinner tonight. That was fun.

We are happy to be meeting Buffy and her wonderful kids and all going over to the dinner soon. Sadie and Katie finished up their homework and our friends should be here shortly.

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