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2007-09-18 - 4:49 p.m.

I celebrated a lovely birthday.

Having a birthday on September 11 is an odd thing.

Buffy asked why I hadn't told her, Pocahontas and Blackford it was my birthday. She told me she found it ironic that they all forgot but that Art called me and sang "Happy Birthday" on my machine. (After having cut communication with him a while back. I did cave and picked up the call to thank him for thinking of me and singing for me. I asked him if he can get boxes from work for me, and thankfully he is not crossing any boundaries but is leaving me boxes from work on my porch at night after he leaves work. He finally understands NOT to call and NOT to ring the bell and NOT to disturb my routine with kids and SLEEP! YAH )

For my birthday I received:


I think George the wonderful guy in my life really has NO IDEA just what a marvelous gift that was.

He asked me what things I might like a while back.

He ALSO gave me the CORD to my sewing machine! That also was an amazing HEALING gift.

For myself, I purchased for all of $2.50 ( I LOVE BMG MUSIC CLUB!) a CD, Forever Young, Gifted and Black by Nina Simone.

It is marvelous for a variety of reasons.

One is that my djembe teacher is on this album (OOPS I JUST NOW REALIZED I have spelled that word CONSISTENTLY WRONG!)

I think it hilarious that I can drum to the theme song itself. VERY FUNNY but also wonderful that Nina's drummer is joyful at teaching anyone who wants to play djembe. There is indeed an actualization of the vision of Martin Luther King Jr in SOME circles.

Its an amazing thing.

I was struck by a poem "For NINA (Forever Young Gifted and Black)" which is on the CD jacket.

I did a search for it and one of the first google hits that had the poem in full is of this web site. This is a ridiculously long link as it includes my google search, so I am not sure if it will work. I have no time to fix this as I am writing quickly in between supervising Sadie who is thrilled to be making biscuits for supper, and Katie who is miraculously happy about vacuuming. Ahh she is done--- back to kitchen duty where I am about to put on Nina Simone to listen to as Raitlin sets the table.

One last comment though- One other birthday greeting was from a friend who sent me links about Narcissistic Personality Disorder which she thought I would find interesting and helpful as she thinks this is in fact the real deal of what is Westely's persona (typical of an abused child apparently.) I found the movie being reviewed at the web site which had the Nina Simone song I was looking for really fascinating. Fantastic review-- I need to see it one day.

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