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2007-09-27 - 8:25 a.m.

ONe day in recent history I went in for another meeting with the court ordered forensic psycologist and took this ink blot test:

I didn't know anything in particular about this beforehand. I did make some of the silly jokes "I see an ink blot"
but frankly I don't see how that could possibly be a "strike" against me, as I was clearly just joking.

I also had some fun joking after looking at the very first card and seeing womans sexual organs "Oh I am sure I will be able to look for and find those in every card from now on"

I was joking, but in a spirit of having some fun indeed did look for such possible images in every card. I suppose just to amuse myself, and based on my presupposition that there must be some fruedian analysis.

Of course that might skew the results in an adverse way.

But it kept me entertained in the moment.

I "saw" lots of butterflys, lungs with cancer, and peoples faces.

It was interesting in reading the above article that the manner and interaction of the test taker is what is watched.

My favorite moment of the ink blot test was when I saw what reminded me of a BOOH BAH.

It made me crack up as someone pointed out to me once that the BOOH BAH characters are big phallic symbols. I hadn't noticed. But once pointed out, it is hard to not miss that- in particular as their heads retract and then extend in this way with folds... well it is just a little disconcerting when a parent has that realization that the beloved PBS show their little ones watch features big colorful phallic symbols dancing.

My girls don't watch it that often, but on occasion they do get the video from the library and I suppose it won't hurt them to watch the swirl of color and movement that appears to have been designed by some aged hippys reminiscent of their 1960s or 70s acid trips.

I believe it is akin to spinning around in circles till dizzy-- even thought our kids get exposure to that altered state when young, it doesn't necessarily predispose them to drug addiction later. (I hope!)

In any case, when I finished that appointment the psychologist told me he needed me to come back to do the official ADHD diagnostic test. He told me the name of it, and I said "Please I don't want to know... I really don't need the distraction of looking it up and reading about it ahead of time."

HA HA!!!

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