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2007-09-29 - 12:42 p.m.

I loved this article entitled
"YOU and your quirky kid"

As a mother of two (at least!) quirky children, who are born of at least one (possibly two!) quirky parents, it really rang true to me.

I apprechiate the struggle: To seek professional help or not?

To diagnose or not?

Which is better in the long run for one's self esteem and chances of actualizing potential, being happy, and being successful in this world we live in.

There are really no hard fast right answers. Each child and each parent is different and in each case it really is just a judgment call as to what is best. Many smart, well educated and compassionate, caring people will have divergent opinions in EACH case if they were all consulted!

That at some level is reassuring to parents to know that when they are the ones making the judgments for their children, they can find experts to support or argue with their decisions. So that really gives parents some assurance that in the end it is OK THAT THEY FOLLOW THEIR HEART AND MIND AND DO WHAT THEY BELIEVE IS BEST FOR THEIR CHILD AND THEIR OWN FAMILY.

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