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2007-10-23 - 6:52 a.m.

This is a great article to read after being up at 5:15 am to awakened Alexy who joined me in bed.

I got up to take the other girls on a bathroom round, then realized how late in the AM it was. I intended on just throwing a load of laundry in and folding the one done, but of course then started unpacking boxes.

I tend to be a morning person. I love going to bed very early and rising very early!

The above article on sleep deprivation is of interest to me. I have had a theory that ADHD is really caused by sleep deprivation. I noted this in the people I worked with, and in myself,that those I have encountered with ADHD also seem to have some interruption in normal sleep patterns.

For me this became apparent when I learned of narcolepsy, and that theory has been confirmed by those who have commented that when I fall asleep It seems like I suddenly drop into deep REM as my eyes immediately move in that pattern and my hands move as if dreaming.

That seems aligned with the narcoleptic trait of missing the early sleep stages, which my dozing in class and writing notes of the professor then going right into a dream (in my notes!) until the pen ran off the page really indicated.

Kids up. Maybe I will get a nap later.

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