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2007-10-27 - 9:02 a.m.

It's always so wonderful when finding the perfect gift to give someone you love!

After having shared with me her new Mp3 player and listening to Harry and the Potters which she loves, Katerina showed me this web site:

She loves garage rock bands, and the concept of Wizard Bands is hilarious.

So I was thrilled to buy her birthday present a little early. She'll likely get it in November a few weeks ahead of her early December date, but I am sure won't be disappointed. I got her a subscription to the Wizard Rock Band of the month !

She will be so thrilled!

What is funny about this is that BMG music has a POLICE selection as this month's selection, which I am buying for Soren for Christmas. They also have unlimited $2.99 CDS so I had thought it wise to give all my bros and family music since its in my budget.

Since going to the Police concert at Hershey Park with me this summer, Soren enjoys them so I lucked out with that. However it has been a challenge to try to find out what music Katerina has and hasn't. I am sure she won't have any of the Wizard Garage Bands CDS!

She's almost showered. We are off to

RIDE THE DUCKS in Baltimore today.

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