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2007-11-05 - 9:45 p.m.

I finally got through to AOL customer service!

I found their phone number on my BANK ledger which indicated the electronic payment for the AOL monthly fee.

SO it took lots longer than it should-- but I finally got rid of that monthly charge! I never use the account at all anymore.

Seriously-- no one ever mailed me there except my MD judge/forensic therapist friend.

I can keep in touch with him with a phone call just to say hi that he or I place about once every six weeks or so. He is doing well.... same as always... overachiever with amazing accomplishments, keeping so busy so as to not succumb to less healthy addictions! (except a few times a week.... it just totally cracks me up that a man who is a judge and counselor can be that combination of one of the most unhealthy dysfunctional people I Have EVER met and so successful in the eyes of the world!) I am thankful for this friendship though (Even though I talk to him very infrequently)-- in particular it is wonderful to have my personal support group of friends who are professional therapists! I think there is a hilarious irony in that! MY friend Rosita was such an amazing support to me for the past few years! ITs great to have a few more in the rotation of friends who also just happen to be counselors that don't mind talking to me !

I guess that group of supportive friends came to mind tonight as my attorney said something I heard before: Something like "The report said you have severe ADHD , not a surprise...."

ANd I just loved the inflection and humor with which he infused that comment. IT was reminiscent of the moment years ago when I called Rosita after my own path of self discovery and told her of how I thought I was ADHD and she laughed and said " I Could have told you that ten years ago!"

AND SIMILARLY my best law school friend, MSW counselor then said when I talked to her "I could have told you that five years ago"

SO when my attorney made the comment, akin to "DUH.... we ALL KNOW That", it TOTALLY Made me crack up.

I Am so tired now! OFF TO BED! I LOVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! ONE girl was snoring by 7pm, another in dreamland by 7:15,and the other two asleep by 7:45. The only problem is that I am ready for bed at 8:30 or 9:00 pm once daylight savings hits! I just haven't the energy to stay up.

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