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2007-11-16 - 9:57 a.m.


I can't believe I just SENT THIS IN a cover letter:

"I am a writer who has worked as a legal assistant for the past eight years while also honing my craft as a creative writer. I have been working from home part time for the past eight years.

At this time I am seeking work full employment and am very excited to see your posting for a full time reporter."


DAMN THAT is one more cool job I won't get an interview for!!

DArn.... why didn't I just leave it "seeking full time work" instead of trying to edit it to say "seeking full time employment"

and then not noticing when my execution of that phrase was WRONG.

I need to remember to PROOF READ MORE THAN ONE TIME

OH Well... back to the WANT ADS

Maybe there is another really cool job out there.

Considering I have sent out 100 cover letters without glaring grammatical errors or typos, I hope that my accuracy rate remains at something like 99% for my cover letters.

That's the way to think about it that makes me feel better!
WHEW... back to job hunting.

I crank out letters

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