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2007-11-28 - 2:08 p.m.


Got a call from the good folks at Roadstar
Who turned my router back on
Thank goodness for me
For my cell still works sporadically

IT will be nice to have Vonage
even though it's also is a bit of a challenge
Working at times
with wavy interruptions that make it seem
like I am talking under water in a dream

I spent a little time
composing another fun rhyme
In the hope to achieve
a discount from Roadstar again

And maybe this time even a job
if they need copywriters
For silly rhymes are advertisings gold
Which sometimes take hold
in folk's brains
making them smile
and then buy
something they just might try

Can't hurt you see
for no one else has called me
despite friends saying "Impressive resume
I knew you were special"

Oh yeah... so special that's me

But still unemployed...

In a fun message from a friend he quiped
"You are hard to get a hold of
but you know I love girls that play hard to get"

It made me laugh heartily
but hard to get ahold of isn't workin
as a tactic
for landing a job

Not that I'd recommend the alternative method
though it might have some results....
It makes me laugh to think
there could ever be any truth
to that sad that old age rumor
of women making it professionally
regardless of marketable talents,
relying on age old currency

Yet there is strange irony
that here I am smart and capable
Without a job

as I recall this summer
filing a legal document pro se
behind a recently hired paralegal
whose midriff was showing
her cute pierced flat belly
accentuated by lace of her undergarments
peeking out from her low cut stylish slacks
wearing flip flops

Which made my think
at least we don't have to hide femininity
which is coming a long way baby

Yet must I dress like a BRATZ doll
to get a job in this conservative market?
Are we that far behind out here in the sticks?
That seduction still sells?
In this market dominated by men?
Who prefer eye candy to equality?

Yet when I apply in D. C.
Must I hide I'm a mother
to be accepted by the successful women who years ago had to dress in black suits
tuck away the makeup
forego the perfume and make it professionally
based on their brains and capability?
Cause God forbid they be beautiful
OR no one would recognize
they are here kickin butt
in this world based on merit

They are now feeling the pain
and possibly question
the choices they made
when they look at me
with my kids
and think "Like hell she'll be here"
not workin by their side
after they made the sacrifice
of giving up those possibilities
of motherhood for their career
they think "How dare she even think
she can have what I've achieved"

NO! for I didn't make that sacrifice
And haven't earned the right
to just emerge in their office overnight
with the same pay they achieved
after years of working 50 hrs
you see... they are single and lonely
with bitterness at the core
for they gave up their souls
to a career that falls short

Mystique is a myth
we can't have it all
at least not all at once
Cause its the scorn of women
approaching menopause
which now blocks the way

Now the young gal with the cute toes
peekin out of flip flops that showed
off the bright colored paint
and ornamental rings
who got hired for a job
I am sure I applied for
May be as sharp as a stick
and as quick as they come

And I have to applaud this welcome departure from adrogenous professionals
that might be offended if I call them women
who are less in touch with any femininity
and suffer from metrosexual envy

For men now can achieve
that balance between their masculine and feminine natures
and be accepted by society
Moreso than we

Yet the young gal's attire still made me think
IS there not a place for taste
in this shift?
As we finally get it
that beautiful women can be smart
and don't need to either dummy down
or cut their locks?

So I continue to job hunt
with a few breaks like this
to laugh at the things I find
are universal over time

That we continue to struggle
with human nature of men and women
in relation to each other
in every facet of life
whether we want to admit it

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