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2007-12-04 - 6:07 a.m.

Are there any interns still itchin for hours?
For I have this morn's coveted slot.
And I was excited to be donning green
So thrilled to have this valuable work to do
in between job hunting and cleaning kid's snot...

But Alas a Conflict has risen
Of the typical last moment type
I got a response to a request I sent for an interview
That might assist in my BAR review

So today I would like to put on a suit
And drive to Richmond to meet a man
who is on the committee of the BAR EXAM
For an opportunity for a de-brief (of my last failed exam)
That just so happens they've scheduled an appointment for me
With little choice as to when it COULD be
And I've been given the opportunity for an interview
IF only I can meet , in Richmond a Mr. Street
TODAY at nine fifteen

Now I can't be in two places at once
And child care was a challenge to overcome
I managed to take care of that need for this afternoon
But already committed to the help desk till noon
So thought I would send out this appeal
as I wear a green shirt under my suit
And take the time to drive south with zeal
And faith that the path I follow will lead
to the place I belong... eventually

It might end up being back at the desk helping others
with gardening tips galore
rather than advising on wills
which frankly is a bore...

I'll stop my drive after a while
to check this e-mail account
and can always turn around
To fulfill the commitment I made with this organization today

But am hoping there is someone who would be so kind
As to fill in my time
as although the help desk and volunteering are so much more fun
and pursuits many enjoy
I still have to continue to seek paid work
to raise my girls and boy.

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