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2007-12-06 - 5:27 p.m.

This is really exciting! I feel like all things come full circle...

I remember when Katerina and Soren were young and we spent some time at the Allen Street Art Festival where one of my friends, a wonderful art teacher from the then MOLLY OLGA, but now LOCUST STREET ART CENTER, was facilitating an activity of kids painting on tiles which were to be one of the finishing touches in the ALLENDALE THEATER RENOVATION.

Katerina and Soren were both thrilled to paint a tile (or two) for that project.

Soren's first professional show opens to the public tomorrow night.

I hadn't realized until just now as I am hoping to find a local florist on line to have deliver him a "BREAK A LEG" flower bouquet - and went to the site of the Company he is with, that the show is indeed at the ALLENDALE Theater.

Here is a link about the marvelous renovation!

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