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2007-12-06 - 11:31 p.m.

THis is hilarious

My daughter sent this link to me a few weeks ago and I just opened it now! I wasn't on my own computer at the time, so waited (I think I was at the library)

I had NO IDEA what it was she sent. It is in fact one of my favorite songs, and I am sure one of hers as she requested this CD on car drives most often this summer. It was funny that when I ran into one of the Venezuelan students here on scholarship at church this past Sunday one of the first things he asked after Mass was "WHAT is the name of that favorite singer?" He said he was trying to remember and find that music ever since. She's Fiona Apple, and yes it was her CD I was listening to when I got the speeding ticket excitedly trying to translate some of the lyrics in Spanish to the guests I was driving to the airport that day!

I think my power just went out! Strange... its a brown out. Flicked... now off..Done now so as not to hose this thing Snowed for the first time here yesterday! YAH! Must be weather related

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