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2007-12-14 - 2:37 p.m.

FOR anyone in the Western Northern VA area, Shenendoah Valley

There is an AMAZING CHOIR preforming tonight at the UNIVERSALIST CHURCH , DEC 14 at 7pm in Stevens City

SEE this for more info:

It is hard to describe what a moving experience it was last Sunday when my marvelous man and I decided to drive to Stevens City to attend the UNITY service there for a change.

For me, it was remarkable as I was longing to celebrate with traditional hymns and was hoping to find a music program somewhere to do so.

For him it was remarkable as he has wanted to check out that church for some time, but for some reason never got around to it as its service is earlier than the one at the UNITY congregation he typically attends.

So I think it was wonderful that we chose to go to that particular church that morning for praise. We both have an affinity for music and find it to be one of the most wonderful ways of praying.

Shenandoah University is close by to this congregation, and they have some of the incredibly talented music majors who have joined them in praise. I have to say I have never heard a more moving Christmas musical celebration ANYWHERE.

Its wonderful their choir is going to share their talents and praise again tonight with the Unitarian congregation and their choir.

Today I ran into one of the Venezuelan music students who is my neighbor, and who is also a student at Shenandoah university. He was out walking the dogs of his host family and excitedly told me about a Spanish mass on Sat night at our Catholic Parish. He is happy to be playing for the church and commented on how amazed he was that many Americans were attending the Spanish mass. I said "I bet it is because it has the better music!"

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