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2007-12-18 - 10:33 a.m.

Last Sunday it was a grey morning and we all overslept. It was 8:30 when we awoke to the dreary morning. I got the girls up and fed, and decided to take them to the Unity congregation (our backup plan for religious ed is not going on at our church as they follow the school calender and don't meet whenever there is a school holiday on a Monday), and then to go to the 12:30 Mass at our church.

I swear there are times when things happen for a reason.

Katie is blessed with a gift of an incredible voice.

I have recognized this for some time.

But it was something to see the kids get up to sing Silent Night to the congregation, and to hear Katie's strong voice lead them in song. The Unity congregation is a small group, so the children there that morn were my girls and only a few others. A musician Dad had worked with them on preparing the song after the girl teaching finished the lesson. I love that the girl teaching there on Sunday mornings is a member of our Catholic parish! She was confirmed last Saturday and has an amazing faith and spirit. There are in fact more than a few Catholics who attend both Mass and the wonderful Unity celebrations as they are spiritually so nurturing and aligned with our faith tradition. they reinforce without any confusion as they celebrate God in all, and don't teach anything contrary to the Catholic faith.

So it was a remarkable moment when Katie sang and I observed her move a few people. One woman came up to me afterward and thanked me for allowing her to share her gift as hearing Katie sing made her cry. It was an incredible moment. Katie's voice, at age 5, has the resonance and texture of some of the trained vocalists we heard the other day. Her talent is indeed a unique gift.

Once again, I think it was no mistake that we were late that day. It was so affirming to all the girls to sing for others. They were all SO PROUD AND HAPPY.

They even were mellow at Mass for a change!

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