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2007-12-22 - 2:05 p.m.

There is nothing like having your landlord stop by unexpectedly to motivate one into a burst of housecleaning.

I NEVER sleep in.


Except of course this morning. I volunteered in the community last night until 11pm, then arrived home and needed that down time before going to sleep. I ended up reading, writing, and then taking a very long bath. It was marvelous ALONE time for a change... but I was up ridiculously late!

I in fact felt like a bit of an insomniac when I finally went to sleep at around 3:30 AM. A big part of that being up was missing my marvelous man who is traveling for the holidays visiting his family.

I did awake at 8:30 AM, had some tea and cookies and then dozed a bit more. I then awoke later and talked with my traveling man for a short while, and then for an hour and a half on the phone with my oldest two children.

So I was a bit embarrassed when at 1:30 pm the doorbell rang and I was still in my PJs!

My agenda for the day really WAS to clean the house! I however thought i would get to it before this late in the day!

Thankfully when I looked through my door at 1:30 to see the cute smiling face of the son of my landlord, with a present in hand, I knew it was just fine that I was still in PJS.

When I came to sign the lease and get the keys, the little boy was brought along with his DAD. I brought along one of my girls too, and it turned out that the two kids were best of friends from school! The cute boy held my daughter,s hand and gave her a tour of our new home and proudly showed her his old room. He gazed at her face one moment and said "You are so beautiful!"

It was just adorable!

So he was delighted to be with Mom this morning dropping of a Christmas gift for the girls. I was delighted to meet her-- even in my PJs, even with my house less than perfect as I hadn't had the chance to personally meet her and THANK HER for having the faith to take the risk to rent to me.

It turns out that she is one of five children raised by a single mom- four girls and a boy. So she not only was empathetic and compassionate, she has that personal experience of truly understanding as she has been in a family situation close to mine.

She told me that her Mom is now 65 years old, an incredible woman, and TIRED. She was happy to say that she was on a vacation now! A well deserved one she hasn't ever been able to take! So she said "I hope you don't have to get out of your PJs today at all and get to wear them when you go to bed tonight!"

What a lovely, brief, unexpected and surprising visit from my landlord! My house was also not in bad shape at all, but needing of further cleaning. I just ran the vacume and am more energized to clean today after the lovely visit! I already cleaned bathrooms yesterday so its really the laundry task and cleaning the basement that I need to tackle as the little ones came down to look for some toys in storage and decided to DUMP the contents of every box they could! (A few weeks ago.) It's a MASSIVE MESS and I haven't yet tackled that daunting task of re-organizing it! I don't allow them to play down there as it is now mayhem, but envision it as a wonderful play space one day when I eventually get suitable storage for toys being accessible and organized. My system of stacking cardboard boxes seemed OK for the time being until they somehow thought the boxes were better used as massive blocks after having dumped the contents. So kids have now been banished from the basement until it is an organized space again!

I am going to take this opportunity to throw out/ pass on anything That I can!

Off to the perpetual pile of laundry. I am happy to have borrowed some CDs from the library to listen to from Tori Amos, Tony Bennett singing Billy Holiday, Irish Christmas music, the Philadelphia Orchestra playing traditional holiday music, some Brazilian music, Kate Bush, Tracey Chapman and Gloria Estefan.

I have this little skit in my head that I recall. I think it was in black and white.

"YOU MUST PAY THE RENT" says the malicious looking man in the dark black suit

"I Can't pay the rent!" responds the wailing worried woman wringing her hands



with dramatic background music.

For some reason I think that skit was from Sesame Street. Is that possible?

Or maybe I am confusing that memory with Monty Python...or an old Charlie Chaplin skit??

The memory is clear, but I am not sure WHAT it is from. It was either Charlie Chaplin or an imitator of him I believe as the landlord.

The voices keep echoing in my head from that skit and for some reason this amuses me!

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